It’s The Pattinson Project’s 4th Anniversary!

Hi, Rob-friends!

English: Robert Pattinson at the Water for Ele...

I can’t believe it’s already been another year… soooo much can happen in just 365 days.  It’s crazy!

I  know this site has been super quiet over the last year and I apologize for that.  Whenever life comes a-knockin’, you’ve got to answer it.  Remember, kids:  health & family always come first!

Debbie Downer

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but in the last year it’s been super crazy nuts.  Earlier this year, I lost my Dad to cancer, and before that I had my own major health issues I was battling.  Due to that I had some down-time from work, then went back full-time, switched jobs, and took on even more responsibilities.  Anyways… so that’s what has been going on with me.  I hope everything is good on your end!!

I just wanted to thank those who have stuck it out with me, personally contacted me, asked how I was doing, my Dad/my family were doing, and just being my true friends.  You’re awesome and you know who you are and how special you are to me.

Okay, okay… enough of the super, cheesy, & sappy words!  On to the important subject we’re all here for:


Director Chris Weitz (left), actress Kristen S...

Wow.. what a year this man has had!  I’m so proud of how he’s come back on top!  Cosmopolis & Bel Ami on my Netflix, Breaking Dawn on my BluRay… can you say movie night? LOL  And OMR…. don’t even get me started on his new Dior ad!! (*squeals & fangirls* OMR….. THE DIOR ADDDDDD!!!)  I mean, wow, that is so cool!  Cheers to him getting out & having some fun on the town with his friends! [AKA = paps suck!  #RespectRob]  I’m so excited for him to how his next year will pan out, aren’t you?  Map to the Stars!  The Rover!  Oh my!!!

Here’s to another year, my friends!



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