Fan Fiction Faves

Are you looking for something new to read a la Twilight or even Robert Pattinson fan fiction?! Then, you’ll absolutely want to check these out!

WARNING: Please be advised that these stories listed are likely to be rated “M” for a reason, so please be the recommended legal age for reading this type of material before reading!  Also, please keep in mind that most of the material is definitely NSFW (not safe for work), so reader’s discretion is advised! You have been warned!! Tsk, tsk, tsk!!!

Twilight Fan Fiction

Story Title Author
A Tale of Two Edwards xshear
Always & Never bostongirl1212
Bare stella luna sky
The Biology Project solostinTwilight
Daniel Gale: Cumming to America (Crossover) danielgaleh00rs
Don’t Take The Girl SparklingWand
Femme Docs & Kevlar Knights A Cullen Wannabe
High Anxiety EdwardsBloodType
His Personal Assistant NorthernLights17
How My Life was Ruined in 14 Days moon.witche
Illegal Contact Jen733
Interviews & Evaluations Writing4Roses
Let’s Get Physical Lalina
Never Sleep In A Strange Man’s Bed WndrngY
Of Mustangs & Men Carson1 & mizzezpattinson
Smoking In The Boys’ Room CorrinaTFF
Subject: Edward Cullen, AKA The Womanizer ericastwilight
Starry Eyed Inside Rochelle Allison
The Cullen Campaign belladonna1472
The Naked Guy Upstairs AngryBadgerGirl
The New Girl Downstairs: A TNGUS Sideshot AngryBadgerGirl
The Plan QuantumFizzx
The Submissive [1 of 3] tara sue me
The Dominant [2 of 3] tara sue me
The Training [3 of 3] tara sue me
Tropic of Virgo
Where There Is Love, There Is Life! Heartfelt-Pen
With Teeth TalulaBlue

Robert Pattinson Fan Fiction

Story Title Author
Conceited Control Beautiful_Distraction
Escape into A New Beginning lattecoug
Everpresent Everywhere RainerNight
Finding Forever Carson1
Just Between Friends robbsweetangel
London Rain duders79
Make Me Believe FrostysWiff08
Need to Escape lostluggage
On The Threshold: Robert’s View (Partner story of Need to Escape) lostluggage
Northern Lights and Whiskey Lullabies songirl
One Nightstand [an O/S] Writing4Roses & SparklingWand
Open to Interpretation elvis4scilla
Par Amour ArenGoLucky
Stranger Than Fiction psymom
The Anonymous Series SinShameGuilt
The One m244robp

Honorary Mentions in: Twilight Fan Fiction

* Some of the stories have either been pulled for personal reasons or been pulled to publish (“P2P”)

Clipped Wings & Inked Armor hunterhunting
Confessions of a Nanny Melissa228
Edward Wallbanger feathersmmmm
Emancipation Proclamation kharizzmatik
How To Save A Life unholy.obsession
In Your World
Master of The Universe Snowqueens Icedragon
Poughkeepsie Mrs.TheKing
The Hills of Twilight TheHillsOfTwilight
The Office tby789
The University of Edward Masen SebastienRobichaud
Times New Roman kathy-rindhoops
Wide Awake AngstGoddess003

Honorary Mentions in: Robert Pattinson Fan Fiction

* Some of the stories have either been pulled for personal reasons or been pulled to publish (“P2P”)

A Prince of Hearts m244robp
I Love LA feathersmmmm
Just Between Friends robbsweetangel
Just This Once just_write
Someone Like You robbsweetangel

So, please check out these authors and if you like their story, be a good reader and leave some review love! Also, make sure you tell them how you found their story, too! 🙂

If you have a story you’d like to recommend, click the graphic below!


Check back soon as I’ll be adding more and eventually start posting reviews, too!

Enjoy & umm… happy reading!

Updated:  10-02-2012


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