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It’s The Pattinson Project’s 4th Anniversary!

Hi, Rob-friends!

English: Robert Pattinson at the Water for Ele...

I can’t believe it’s already been another year… soooo much can happen in just 365 days.  It’s crazy! Read More…


It’s The 3-Year Anniversary Week @ The Pattinson Project @RPattzProject!

Woohoo!  3 Years?!   Are you kidding?!

See? Rob is surprised, too! LOL

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since opening this blog… that’s crazy talk, right?!

While it hasn’t always been consistent, it has always been a major part of my life these last couple of years.  I’ve never been completely gone, I’m still here!  I just wanted to say thank you for sticking it out with me, friends new & old!

I feel truly blessed to have met so many great friends along the way.  I’ve been introduced to some awesome people and some great new music.  And, amazingly enough, because of the blog, I’ve had some amazing opportunities become available.  Yep, all because this little bloggity blog.  Aww

An extended circle of friends, which definitely can’t go unnoticed, is my group of affiliates, they keep this place going and encourage me to keep on truckin’.  Thanks guys!  There’s some of you whom have been there with me since Day #1, standing by myself and pimping this blog out, helping out and supporting me— some anonymously (you know who you are!) behind-the-scenes and others more publicly than others! LOL  I couldn’t have done whatever this *waves around* with you so, I say once again…


I look forward to next phase of this blog, whatever that may be or with whomever wants to come along for the ride.  I hope that you find that things are a little different, more unconventional if you will, around here.  This isn’t your usual 24/7 news-based fan site like the other ones out there.  So, let’s relax and have some fun!  Bring on the fan-made videos and fan art!

WOOHOO!!!  *<|;-P


Ashley ;o)

Affiliate Shout-Out: Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary, @ThinkingofRob!

I’m very happy to wish my affiliate & friends, Thinking of Rob, a very happy blog anniversary today!

Here’s a little a little something I put together for FP & the ToR girls because I know how much she loves her some Tybert and the Remember Me movie… and since ToR is her brainchild, this one’s for her:

Here’s another warmer version I made of the same graphic:

If you read my post about this blog’s anniversary, you have probably guessed that my “anniversary twin” is Thinking of Rob.  And they most likely don’t realize it (they will now LOL), but they actually helped me remember my own anniversary this time around, cause I’m super awesome like that! LOL  So, ummm… thanks girls!  LOL

Special Thanks to @ThinkingofRob for your affiliation & friendship:  @FPonTheDL, @DreamySim1, @MyRobAddiction & the rest of the ToR girls!  Enjoy your celebration, you all deserve it!

It’s The Pattinson Project’s 1-year anniversary!!

Yesterday was an extraordinary day!

And today is a very special day, too!  I can’t help but celebrate it!

One year ago yesterday, I started this very blog not really knowing what exactly I had in mind for the future– just that I wanted to start a blog that showcased Rob-related & Twilight-related crafts & digital art along with the news and whatever else came our way.

Those of you who have been following from the very beginning may get a kick out this.  Remember this? ROFLMAO!

Happy Anniversary to The Pattinson Project!

Wow… umm… “Rob” had a lot of free time on his hands then! LOL


What’s changed over the last year for me?  Well, my small little circle of friends that I have made here because of this blog and because of Twitter has grown even bigger, bigger than imaginable.  And you know what?  I wouldn’t trade this group for the world.  I have had a lot of opportunities come about because of this and it’s just crazy because it all started because of a gorgeous, hunky, beautiful, talented… you get the point… man named Robert Pattinson.  Oh, yeah and that little book series, Twilight.  Who would have ever thought, right?  I know I didn’t.  It’s just crazy… it boggles my mind!

Because of You

Simply because of Rob and Twilight, the unknown has become more clear:  friends have been made, doors have opened, book genres I would have never touched were read and new music was played and all these things are now my new-found loves.  I couldn’t imagine my life without this music, these books, these friends.  It’s just an awesome feeling, I feel truly blessed, honestly.  I’ve made so many connections:  I’ve had fangirl moments over my affiliates & the fact that I even have affiliates boggles my mind LOL  I’ve talked to people who know people (no-names-mentioned cause I think we all know who I’m talking about here)– it’s just unreal.  I was also able to interview some awesome chicas (AmberRMW & MyRobPattinson) from two great sites and assisted in spreading the word on their great sites.

I just wanted to thank those who have been with me since the very beginning and those who joined in as I’ve moseyed on down the road LOL

Special Thanks Are In Order…

To the original BTFF / SS crew (they know what I’m talking about! LOL):  EverythingRob, SereneChristy, TwiGossipGirl, TwiSisterhood, BostonGirl1212, nexstopSF, amanda1104., edwardslori, rayneattwilight, and a super special thanks to vampire_craze and DreamingofRob for all your behind-the-scenes help on the blog!

Also an honorary mention to sakixry, PurpleBrina17 and Krystih! 🙂

I’m just overwhelmed and overjoyed with emotion.  I appreciate all of your friendships and encouragement- past, present and future!

“I’m getting old…”

And as growing up goes, changes come along for the ride so this blog has received a make-over.  Make sure you vote down below so I know whether you like it or not.  If you don’t like it, feel free to vote, too, so I know whether or not I should change it again… and quickly LOL!  I’m curious to know what you think.  And while we’re at it, please bear with me as I’m still working out all the details here with the new design and I’m not done yet! LOL

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your lives.   I truly hope this post makes sense!!! LOL

Here’s to another year of fun! 🙂  Here’s to the future!

Much love!

Ashley :O)