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It’s The Pattinson Project’s 4th Anniversary!

Hi, Rob-friends!

English: Robert Pattinson at the Water for Ele...

I can’t believe it’s already been another year… soooo much can happen in just 365 days.  It’s crazy! Read More…


It’s The 3-Year Anniversary Week @ The Pattinson Project @RPattzProject!

Woohoo!  3 Years?!   Are you kidding?!

See? Rob is surprised, too! LOL

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since opening this blog… that’s crazy talk, right?!

While it hasn’t always been consistent, it has always been a major part of my life these last couple of years.  I’ve never been completely gone, I’m still here!  I just wanted to say thank you for sticking it out with me, friends new & old!

I feel truly blessed to have met so many great friends along the way.  I’ve been introduced to some awesome people and some great new music.  And, amazingly enough, because of the blog, I’ve had some amazing opportunities become available.  Yep, all because this little bloggity blog.  Aww

An extended circle of friends, which definitely can’t go unnoticed, is my group of affiliates, they keep this place going and encourage me to keep on truckin’.  Thanks guys!  There’s some of you whom have been there with me since Day #1, standing by myself and pimping this blog out, helping out and supporting me— some anonymously (you know who you are!) behind-the-scenes and others more publicly than others! LOL  I couldn’t have done whatever this *waves around* with you so, I say once again…


I look forward to next phase of this blog, whatever that may be or with whomever wants to come along for the ride.  I hope that you find that things are a little different, more unconventional if you will, around here.  This isn’t your usual 24/7 news-based fan site like the other ones out there.  So, let’s relax and have some fun!  Bring on the fan-made videos and fan art!

WOOHOO!!!  *<|;-P


Ashley ;o)

Affiliate Shout-Out: Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary, @ThinkingofRob!

I’m very happy to wish my affiliate & friends, Thinking of Rob, a very happy blog anniversary today!

Here’s a little a little something I put together for FP & the ToR girls because I know how much she loves her some Tybert and the Remember Me movie… and since ToR is her brainchild, this one’s for her:

Here’s another warmer version I made of the same graphic:

If you read my post about this blog’s anniversary, you have probably guessed that my “anniversary twin” is Thinking of Rob.  And they most likely don’t realize it (they will now LOL), but they actually helped me remember my own anniversary this time around, cause I’m super awesome like that! LOL  So, ummm… thanks girls!  LOL

Special Thanks to @ThinkingofRob for your affiliation & friendship:  @FPonTheDL, @DreamySim1, @MyRobAddiction & the rest of the ToR girls!  Enjoy your celebration, you all deserve it!

It’s Time To Celebrate: 2nd Year Anniversary @ The Pattinson Project! @RPattzProject

How Exciting!  Let’s Celebrate!

Another year has come and gone!  Woohoo… let’s party, my friends!  But, hey, wait…

Why is Rob shocked?!

Hmm... maybe he's just sad! Or confused? Aww, Rob!

That’s right… I’m having a major fan girl #fail moment…

Recently, I went away on vacation and while I was away I forgot to plan on one kinda big thing in particular:  the anniversary of The Pattinson Project.  Yep.  And time flew by and before I knew it, I was back and smack dab in the middle of real life and trying to catch up with blogging and the anniversary completely passed me by without me even realizing that juicy tidbit.  Yup.  It wasn’t until I was on Twitter and skimming through my time line in #SneakTweet mode where I discovered I had an affiliate whose anniversary was coming up pretty quickly (more on that later!).  Well, that switched something on in my brain because suddenly I was thinking to myself, “Wait, isn’t my blog’s anniversary generally first before theirs?  That can’t be right?  … *checks calendar* … OH.  Crap.  *head desk*”  Oops

Can you believe it?

"You WHAAAT?!"

I know, I know…

"I caaannn't believe it...."

I know, a million apologizes to Rob and all his awesomeness.  So, I’ve decided since I missed the date (July 8th, in case you were wondering!) — I shall make up for it and just celebrate all month-long instead! That sounds like fun, huh?  LOL  Wait… I think Rob needs to think about it a minute…

"Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?"

On serious note:  I just wanted to say thank you to those of you have stuck around with the blog– some of you even since day one!  WOW!  I’m amazed that what started out just as a simple blog for RobFun and RobGames has stayed true to its form yet still blossoming and branching out and onto other social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace [is anyone even still on there? LOL] & Tumblr).  I’m floored how much it has grown, almost overnight it seems.  I just want you all to know how grateful I am to have had so many opportunities, made so many lasting friendships and had some awesome experiences due to this little ole bloggy-bloggerson.  It still amazes me all of that is all just because of Robert Pattinson— I don’t think he truly realizes how much he has touched our lives.  Yup.  The cheesy, the sentimental and the silly.  The beautiful, the wonderful, amazingly talented, incredible, awesome man that he is!  We take it all in stride, right? 😉

Please know that while I know that your truest of intentions may bring you here for him more than me, I forgive you (haha) but I honestly I thank you from the bottom of my happy RobHeart LOL  Also a special shout-out to a handful of awesome people who generously help me behind-the-scenes and/or help me post from time-to-time,  bunch of people who help me behind-the-scenes (DoR, @vampire_craze, @DreamsofEdward_ & @Writing4Roses).  A special honorary shout-out is also in order because … well, lets face it:  I’m a married lady and it would be a travesty to not give my husband a humongous thank you for putting up with THIS *waves hand around* and for always providing technical support.  You guys are the greatest!!

QUESTION:  Have you ever forgot an important date (birthday/anniversary)?  If so, what did you do to make it up?  Did you feel horrible (i.e., like me? LOL!)??

Commentary: Dear #RobertPattinson, it’s my birthday.. can I ask for one thing?

It’s my birthday, so I can do whatever heck I want today.  So, I’m reaching deep down and pulling out my inner Letters to Rob! LOL

Dear Robert Pattinson… I mean, Rob:

It’s my birthday!  Can I ask for one thing a zillion things?

OMR… “Special Requests”?!

Seriously?!  LOL  Yeah, I could get in major trouble here with Mr. SayMmmkay some people, so, umm… *brain goes to mush*

[Edit:  Keeping thoughts to self is much safer!]

Read More…

Which role should Robert Pattinson play next?

Heathcliff… is that you?!

So, I was surfing the web browsing my Google Alerts for recipes and craft ideas Twilight & Rob news, when I came across this article.   Hmm… what do you think?  Do you think this role would be a good choice for him?  What other role would you like to see him play?

Read More…

Commentary: Rob… a gamer?

Normally, we shy away from any paparazzi photos, but the following mentioned below were too funny to pass up.  So, please forgive us momentarily and enjoy a chuckle or two with us!

Check out this hilarious blog entry from our girl, @DreamingofRob AKA The Pattinson Project team member, ToFu:

Rob… a gamer?

Is it true? Is it really true, Rob? You play video games? Because if it is, then you have won this gamer girl’s heart over even more! Observe:

Hmm..New Super Mario Bros... or Littlest Petshop Friends?


Tom: “I think you should get Animal Crossing, mate.”

Out with Tom Sturridge even! Looking at the Wii games, I see. I get it, you’re a casual gamer…no problem. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about hardcore gaming. Let me take your Wiimote into my hands and show you how to work it.

But honestly, it looks like Rob is new to the gaming world..we all saw what happened with Negative Natalie and Rob’s attempt at Rock Band. That’s OK with me! I am willing to teach him a thing or two..heh heh.

 Can you imagine the conversation between Rob and Tom about which game to purchase? Hilarious!!

Rob: “My mum and dad bought me this thing called the Wii and I’m supposed to buy a game for it?”

Tom:Wii, what’s that?”

Rob: “I don’t know.”

Hahahaha…yes, I realize I’m probably the only one laughing at this and it has nothing to do with what game they want to purchase, but still! I find it cute (I mean, look at his puzzled face).

So Rob, give me your friend code, gamertag, and online ID….I’m sure to give you a challenge...if you’re up to it.


LMAO, thanks for sharing, @DreamingofRob!  You all be sure to check out her site for more honest yet hilarious commentary!