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New Fan Photo: Robert Pattinson & Fans @ Sydney’s Premiere of ‘Water for Elephants’!

Here’s a photo of Rob & his fans at the Water for Elephants premiere in Sydney!   What a cute pic!

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New Review: Newly Released on DVD/Blu-Ray: ‘Water for Elephants’


I don’t know, but I enjoy a snarky review from time to time, so I thought I’d share this with you all 😉  Oh, and I don’t think I need to say it.. but just in case… SPOILER ALERT! LOL Read More…

New Behind-The-Scenes Still of Robert Pattinson in ‘Water for Elephants’ – Polish Version

This new image comes from the Polish version of the Water for Elephants DVD!  Wow.. don’t those mountains in the background look amazing… you know, behind Rob & all?! 😉

Special Thanks, Rob Pattinson Life via RobPattinson.pl!

New Wallpaper: Robert Pattinson “From Page to Screen” #WFE by @Creationsjules!

Beautifully available in 1920 x 1200 resolution!


Goodnesssss….. @Creationsjules has outdone themselves once again!  Wow!  What a great job!  SERIOUSLY!

@Creationjules also has this same wallpaper available in 1368 x 768 if you’re interested that as well.  Durhhh… Of course you are! 😉



New HQ Movie Stills for ‘Water for Elephants’ featuring Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon #WFE

Ohh.. How Gorgeous!

Love-love-love these! Can’t wait to get my Blu-Ray & DVD!! Wooohoo… movie night, here I come! 🙂



Robert Pattinson Life via ThinkingofRob.com & Source.

Affiliate Shout-Out: @LetMeSignDotCom raises over $400 for ‘Speak Out Against Domestic Violence’!


A fellow Robert Pattinson fan site and one of my affiliates, LetMeSign.com, has done something absolutely incredible!

They were fortunate enough to be able to attend the New York City premiere of Water for Elephants via the red carpet that took place on April 17th.  Using their good fortune, they were able to get several of the lead cast to sign a copy of the movie tie-in book and decided to auction off their copy.  The book was autographed by Robert Pattinson (“Jacob”), Reese Witherspoon (“Marlena”), author Sara Gruen, & Mark Povinelli (“Kinko”)!

With over twenty bids and what barely started above $30.00 USD ended on an amazing $480 USD!  Yes, that’s right!  Four-hundred and eighty dollars.  The auction winning’s will be donated to Avon’s Foundation for Women:  Speak out Against Domestic Violence.  That’s awesome!

Thank you, LetMeSign.com!  This makes me so proud to be affiliated with you guys!  You rock!!!


Videos: @starpainter4u2 paints Robert Pattinson’s portrait, gets autographed @ #WaterforElephants premiere!

There’s No Paint-by-Numbers Here!  WOW!!!

Not only does “The Hollywood Star Painter” paint Rob’s portrait, he gets it signed.  Now,… that’s how it’s done, my friends!  How cool!

Check it out…

Also, here’s a shorter video of him just painting the portrait:

Special Thanks to @starpainter4u2 for sharing!

People’s Choice Voters Pick Robert Pattinson’s Jacob as Their Fave Character in ‘Water for Elephants’! #WFE

I Wish I Could Have Voted for Them All!

They were all so great!  What a tough decision, right?  C’mon though… let’s be honest on where my one vote went and that would be with the winner!  #Duh

Wow, 42%?  Go, Robkowski!

From The People’s Choice Buzz Blog:  So even though Rio won at the box office again this weekend, I’m betting yesterday’s Easter candy that any number of you broke down and saw Water For Elephants, right? You just couldn’t resist a bestselling book, a sweeping epic period piece, and at least three adorable creatures (1. Rosie the elephant, 2. Queenie the Jack Russell Terrier, and 3. Robert Pattinson).

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Video & Translation: Robert Pattinson’s Q & A with Madchen de Interview!

What a funny interview!  Definitely a must-watch!

I’ve translated the questions for you in English, here they are:

  1. How long do you need to get ready in the mornings?
  2. Do you sing in the shower?
  3. Do you have any regrets on something you might have said once to a reporter which then became a scandal?
  4. What was the worst?
  5. What was it like to work with Reese Witherspoon?  What did you learn from it?
  6. Who would you like to work with in the future?
  7. Where there any funny moments on the set of Water for Elephants?
  8. How do you get away from the paparazzi and have a “normal” life?
  9. As a Brit, are you looking forward to Kate & William’s wedding?
  10. Did you get an invitation?

** If you use the translations, please credit this site!  Thanks! 🙂

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Robert Pattinson’s Interview with ElMundo.es

1. Your character in Water for Elephants share something with your character in Twilight, love. Jacob wants to offer a better life Reese’s character even if it means sacrificing himself. What would you be willing to do for love?
It depends. It is a difficult question. Love usually flows freely, with some exceptions.

2. Hi Rob, first I’d like to welcome you to our country. I read the book “water for elephants” over the weekend, fell in love with the character you portray and the story. One of my biggest concerns is whether the script was closely adapted from the book or have there been big changes made. Best regards from a twilight-mom, fan of yours and of Edward Cullen. Hope you have a good time these days and you take away good memories of our country.
I think it’s very close. There are a couple of characters in the book that are not in the script. And there are good changes in my opinion. The book tells of a rather dark circus, but the circus of the film is brighter with more light.

3. Having been presenting “Water for Elephants” in various cities around the world, where have you encountered the rowdiest fans? the most affectionate? Thank you very much, I admire your work, your smile and your sympathy. Do not change 🙂
Certainly there are many differences. Speaking of fans in Spain, they get very excited and transmit a lot of energy.

4. “Are you ever gonna take a vacation between projects? You need to rest too … Ana, Madrid
I hope so. But I will not be able to do in the coming months.

5. The performance I most enjoyed was that of Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. What place does it hold for you?
It was important. He’s a fascinating character. For me it was the first role that I really got into.

6. Do you consider yourself an enigmatic guy?  I do think you are, you’re perfect.
I used to think it was. The more people know you, the less enigmatic you are.

7. Of the Twilight series, what was the movie that you liked best to film and why?
I think the first. It was the most fun to shoot. The second also because there wasn’t as much craziness yet…

8. Is it coincidence that most of his films are based on best sellers, does that give you security when accepting a script? Thanks. Ana Pastrana.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna do well because it’s based on a bestseller.

9. The first thing to greet you and congratulate you on your success, I think you’re a great actor and professional. In this new film, Water for Elephants Have you ever had a scene that for a moment thought I was going to be impossible to interpret? Maybe a stunt, or a scene that made you feel personally uncomfortable. Thank you very much Robert.
The final scene in the script seemed totally impossible. It took a long time to shoot.
Read More…