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New Fan-Made Video: ‘You Make Me Smile’ by KStewRPattzxx

‘You Make Me Smile’ by KStewRPattzxx

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New Fan-Made Video: ‘Robert Pattinson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)’ by Robrobbedmyheart

Robert Pattinson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You by Robrobbedmyheart

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New Fan-Made Video: Robert Pattinson – Stripped by MsChristina70

Stripped…?!?!  Rob???

*ears perk* LOL  Oh yeah, you have my attention now!  LOL

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Fan-Made Video of Robert Pattinson: Rolling in the Deep by MsChristina70

One of my favorite songs AND most of my favorite Rob pics? MsChristina70, can you read my mind?! LMAO

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Fan-Made Video for Robert Pattinson: Secret by kathk9p

Here’s a fan-made video featuring Robert Pattinson made by kathk9p, which is set to Maroon 5’s Secret.  Check it out!

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Video: ‘Bel Ami’ Trailer

Okay, yes, I know this came out over the holidays but OMGGGG(Georges, of course!) – Can we all just relive it again?

Wanna watch it with me?  Of course you do!



Ahhh, that’s nice.  All better?  I know… Me, too… *hits the repeat button*

Still there?  *repeat*  LOL

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