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Live Stream Video: Watch Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Live @ the Twilight Convention!

Cambio and our friends at Moviefone proudly present the exclusive live stream of the most anticipated Q&A panel from the Official Twilight Convention taking place in Los Angeles, CA this Saturday, November 5th at 7:30PM EST / 4:30 PM PST.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the director of the final two films in the franchise, Bill Condon will be discussing ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ and the entire panel will be shown live right here on Cambio for ‘Twilight’ fans worldwide to enjoy.



The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’s Soundtrack Release Date Announced

Twilight Saga Fan Exclusive! We’re excited to announce the official soundtrack will be available in stores and online on November 8! Who are you most excited to see on the album???

I’m going to go on a limb here and beg….

Rob?  Rob?!  How about Rob?  Is Rob going to be on it?  Rob will be on it, right? Rob, right?  I got it right?  Can Rob please be on it?  You better hope he’s on there… just saying… LOL!

Here’s some more information from the official soundtrack website:

Summit Entertainment, Chop Shop Records, and Atlantic Records have announced the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, the musical companion to the highly anticipated fourth installment in Summit’s worldwide blockbuster film franchise. Due in stores and online Tuesday, November 8, the soundtrack’s release date was revealed this past Saturday, August 13 on The Twilight Saga’s various social networks, in celebration of the wedding anniversary of lead characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. The collection’s tracklisting will be revealed in the next few weeks. The film release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1″ comes to theatres nationwide on November 18.

For more information, check us out on Twitter by following @BreakingDawnStk.


The next few weeks?!  Are you crazy?!  People of Summit, I cannot wait that long… I need to now whether or not if Rob’s going to be on it or not!  Don’t you get it? LOL


Updated: Clearer Photo of ‘Breaking Dawn’ Promo Featured on Cover of 2012 Calendar in HQ

Ohhh, goody…

For all those interested, here’s a clear picture of the upcoming calendar’s cover!

Check out old-fashioned Edward! LOL


Ahhh… much much better… sort’ve LOL

Also in HQ:

Andddd… while we’re at it… here’s just Edward & Bella… and then the final one’s my favorite.. just saying.  You’ll see why!


Getting warmer…


There we go!  See?!  Sometimes its nice just to have Robward all to yourself… LOL

Special Thanks:  @RobPattzNews!

E x B Crop:  @RobsessedBlog.

** If you use the Edward/Robward solo crop please credit me @ this blog! Thanks!


Photos: Robert Pattinson & Twilight Saga cast featured on 2012 ‘Breaking Dawn’ Calendar

The girls of ROBsessed have given us a first look at the Breaking Dawn calendar featuring Rob and the rest of the Twilight Saga cast.

This calendar is not out until August 1st, but you can plan ahead and pre-order at Amazon.

Thanks to ROBsessed for the heads up!


Source via Pattinson Ladies.

Robert Pattinson’s Interview with ElMundo.es

1. Your character in Water for Elephants share something with your character in Twilight, love. Jacob wants to offer a better life Reese’s character even if it means sacrificing himself. What would you be willing to do for love?
It depends. It is a difficult question. Love usually flows freely, with some exceptions.

2. Hi Rob, first I’d like to welcome you to our country. I read the book “water for elephants” over the weekend, fell in love with the character you portray and the story. One of my biggest concerns is whether the script was closely adapted from the book or have there been big changes made. Best regards from a twilight-mom, fan of yours and of Edward Cullen. Hope you have a good time these days and you take away good memories of our country.
I think it’s very close. There are a couple of characters in the book that are not in the script. And there are good changes in my opinion. The book tells of a rather dark circus, but the circus of the film is brighter with more light.

3. Having been presenting “Water for Elephants” in various cities around the world, where have you encountered the rowdiest fans? the most affectionate? Thank you very much, I admire your work, your smile and your sympathy. Do not change 🙂
Certainly there are many differences. Speaking of fans in Spain, they get very excited and transmit a lot of energy.

4. “Are you ever gonna take a vacation between projects? You need to rest too … Ana, Madrid
I hope so. But I will not be able to do in the coming months.

5. The performance I most enjoyed was that of Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. What place does it hold for you?
It was important. He’s a fascinating character. For me it was the first role that I really got into.

6. Do you consider yourself an enigmatic guy?  I do think you are, you’re perfect.
I used to think it was. The more people know you, the less enigmatic you are.

7. Of the Twilight series, what was the movie that you liked best to film and why?
I think the first. It was the most fun to shoot. The second also because there wasn’t as much craziness yet…

8. Is it coincidence that most of his films are based on best sellers, does that give you security when accepting a script? Thanks. Ana Pastrana.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna do well because it’s based on a bestseller.

9. The first thing to greet you and congratulate you on your success, I think you’re a great actor and professional. In this new film, Water for Elephants Have you ever had a scene that for a moment thought I was going to be impossible to interpret? Maybe a stunt, or a scene that made you feel personally uncomfortable. Thank you very much Robert.
The final scene in the script seemed totally impossible. It took a long time to shoot.
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Total Film: Robert Pattinson confirms infamous vampire cesearan scene in ‘Breaking Dawn’ has been filmed


The birthing scene has been filmed for Breaking Dawn and that makes me feel all kinds of ooky (see:  sick & queasy!) now.  Check out this article from UK magazine, Total Film:

Twihards, rejoice. Robert Pattinson tells Total Film that the scene where his character performs a caesarean with his teeth on wife, Bella (Kristen Stewart), has been filmed for the final part of the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn.

He’s currently juggling filming with promotion duties on his new non-vamp flick Water For Elephants, and chatted to TF while in LA.

“Yeah, I’ve done it,” RPattz laughed, “I’ve chewed it, spat it out!”

Though he’s not allowed to give much more away (joking with Ryan Seacrest recently that he gets ‘beaten’ for revealing details), Pattinson promises that Breaking Dawn will be “very different to the other films – more like a horror film.”

“Just some of the source material makes it inevitably more different. It’s completely nuts, the book.”

Water For Elephants opens on May 4. For more on the film grab Total Film Magazine on 14 April.

Pleased that the unconventional medical procedure has made it into the movie? Or should they have left the icky op on the page?

SourceSpecial Thanks: @RobsessedBlog!

Vote for ‘The Twilight Saga’ as your favorite franchise @ iVilliage!

Attention Twilight fans!!


iVillage is currently hosting a poll which is asking you which movie franchise you wish would never end?

Click the photos to visit the site & vote!


So, yeah, pop on over and let them know what you think!  There’s some dude (*insert sarcasm here) named Harry Potter who is currently winning… whoever that guy is….??  Two words:  Team Edward. Do it.




Will Summit Unveil footage for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 @ Comic Con 2011?

*shouting through the screams* What?!


Even when he's scared, he still look cute...


I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you from all the screaming–  you’re trying to tell me something…


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Is Robert Pattinson *really* going to tickle the ivories for Part II of ‘Breaking Dawn’?!

So, I was online earlier today when I came across something and I wasn’t sure if it was true or not.  I mean because, let’s be honest.. if it’s on the Internet, it’s true, right?  Yeah…

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Video: Robert Pattinson… more than just Edward by @100RobPattinson

I’m not exactly sure if I’ve ever posted this before, but ahhh, what the heck… who cares, right?

I don’t think I hear any one complaining… let’s enjoy The Pretty…



Make sure you’re following her on her new YouTube account, her old was deleted by the icky people at YouTube.. BOOOOO!

And on a side note, I love the song that she’s used– it’s Thirteen Senses’ Into The Fire… one of my faves right now!


Source via 100RobPattinson.

Peter Facinelli Supports Team Edward

Team Edward 100%!

Peter Facinelli is committed to his on-screen family.

As Carlisle, patriarch of the Cullen vampire clan in the Twilight series, Facinelli is firm when it comes to the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate.

“I’m Team Edward, because he’s my son and I like to keep it in the family,” the actor said during a video chat series for Tom’s of Maine’s New Wicked Fresh! Launch.

But the appeal of Edward – played by Robert Pattinson – goes beyond Facinelli’s familial ties to the character. “If I had no association with the films, I’d still be Team Edward,” he says. “There’s something interesting about living forever, having that eternity.”

Facinelli is such a fan of Edward that if he was younger, he says Pattinson might have been out of a job. “If I was maybe 10, 11 years younger – what is Rob like 24? – I’d like to play Edward, But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so it’s pretty cool playing Carlisle,” says Facinelli.

As for Pattinson, Facinelli admires and jokes about him like a son. “He’s a cool guy, very professional. He’s always thinking, he’s very intense and he’s fun to hang with,” Facinelli said, jokingly adding, “I wish he’d bathe once in a while. I’m kidding! Those are all rumors; I don’t know where they start those.”

As for any Breaking Dawn, Facinelli can’t spill the beans even if he wanted to. “I’m looking forward to getting the scripts,” he said, “I talked to [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg and she said she is almost ready for them to be sent out to the cast but she’s quite happy with them.”

Source ||  Cullen Boys Anonymous

Actor James Franco is ‘fascinated’ by Twilight

I think the correct phrase is DAZZLED, Mr. Franco ;o)

MTV’s Movies Blog posted an article today featuring an interview with actor James Franco.  During the interview, the conversation turned to The Twilight Saga, including Breaking Dawn (don’t ALL conversations turn to Twilight?  #ThatsNormal, right? LOL) and he even goes as far as to mention Rob & Taylor.

Check it out!

“I haven’t read the last one! I kind of know what happens … some very strange birth, right?” he asked rhetorically about Stephenie Meyer’s fourth book in the series, “Breaking Dawn.” “I read a part of it. I think I got to the sex scene, but it was so brief, I didn’t even know if it was the actual sex scene,” he admitted. “It was kind of a letdown after all that buildup.”

But did he enjoy the three novels he has read?

“I wouldn’t say I enjoy them, but I’m fascinated with them. I’m interested in the metaphor of the vampire placed in the high school setting and how a relationship with a vampire can stand in for general feelings that people have as teenagers,” he said. “And the obsession people have with that is also fascinating to me.”

Franco also revealed that he has seen the three “Twilight” movies, enough to call out series superstars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner by first names and cite the infamous “tent scene” in the process.

“The movies are interesting also because they’ve really become part of the whole ‘Twilight’ phenomenon, and it’s really hard to extricate those actors from the reading experience or just the phenomenon of ‘Twilight’ now. They’ve become a part of it to the point that the movies are almost commenting on themselves,” Franco said. “There will be a scene where the go-to guys, Taylor and Rob, are in the tent, it’s almost like a ‘Brokeback Mountain’ scene, where the two guys are talking in a tent and the girl is asleep, and they’re having, like, this romantic moment almost through her, in a way. One of them says, ‘Well, I’m hotter than you,’ and it’s almost like they’re winking at the fans, like to the Team Jacob or the Team Edwards.”

Source ||  Cullen Boys Anonymous