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HQ Screencaps: ‘Breaking Dawn’ London Premiere’s Panoramic Photo

1600 x 1200 res - click+love+save! 😉

Here are some jumbo-style screencaps I did from the panoramic photo that was released of Rob, Kristen, & Taylor at the London premiere of Breaking Dawn.  Don’t they look snazzy? ;-P

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Screencaps: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Premiere in Los Angeles – MTV News

Yay!  Who wants more screencaps?  Meeee!!!

I snagged them from MTV News live feed.  Isn’t he so cute?!


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Screencaps: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Premiere in Los Angeles – Entertainment Tonight

Here’s a few screencaps I managed to snag of Rob on the Entertainment Tonight’s live feed for the Breaking Dawn premiere!

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New Behind-The-Scenes Still of Robert Pattinson in ‘Water for Elephants’ – Polish Version

This new image comes from the Polish version of the Water for Elephants DVD!  Wow.. don’t those mountains in the background look amazing… you know, behind Rob & all?! 😉

Special Thanks, Rob Pattinson Life via!

Screencaps: Sneak Peek ‘Breaking Dawn’ trailer

We came.  We saw.  We conquered.

Yes.  We saw the sneak peek trailer, we drooled and now here are some screencaps we all can enjoy:


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For all of the screencaps from this new trailer— and not specifically Rob–, be sure to check out the source link below!!



Videos & Screencaps: Robert Pattinson featured in ‘The Bad Mother’s Handbook’!

Ohhh, Daniel!

In the heart of my recent post, I’m posting these, too! 🙂  Enjoy!

Movie Screencaps from


Videos & Photos: Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

* 1 *

* 2 *

* 3 *

You can also watch the full interview in 1 complete video by clicking here.

Source | Via  |  Intro Screencaps:  Thinking of Rob  |  Full Video

Video & Screencap: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon talk with E! News about ‘Water for Elephants’

I love this picture and I really enjoyed this interview!  Check it out!



SourceSpecial Thanks to RPLife & alexandra1116

Entertainment Tonight gives sneak-peek of EW’s next cover featuring Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon!

Beyond Twilight“?  Reallllllllllllly…..?





Special Thanks: Rob Pattinson Life, Twilight Britney Fan (Video), & Water for Elephants Film Fan Site (screencaps)

Fox releases Official List of Global Sites & Dates for ‘Water for Elephants’

The List of Allllll Lists…

Wondering if Water for Elephants is playing in your area and when exactly? Well, here ya go!  This is straight from the horse’s mouth! *laughs* (To self:  Haha, I made an animal reference joke… haha….)

Click to enlarge for Jumbotron-size LOL


Update: Remember, this is only the listing of the ‘in theatre’ release dates.  Special premeires are different!


Source | Via

New Wallpaper: Robert Pattinson featuring Remember Me screencap

Oh, my… Tyler!

Here’s another new wallpaper featuring a hot screencap from Remember Me!

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New Wallpaper: Eclipse: Lost In This Moment With You


Here’s another new wallpaper featuring some of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse screencaps that were released.


PS – 27 days until the nationwide premiere!  Woowoo!!

PPS – 21 days for the Hollywood premiere!  Double-woowoo!! LOL

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