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Article: Ashley Greene Mentions Rob Pattinson in Interview with Allure Magazine

Here’s an interview with Allure Magazine & Ashley Greene where she talks about her ‘second family‘ & her ‘awkward brother‘ Rob! LOL

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The actress initially tried out for the role of Bella before being called back to audition for Alice, a character she related to immediately upon reading the books. ”Everyone asks, ‘Weren’t you jealous?’ No, I think that the casting was so spot-on, especially between Rob and Kristen,” Greene says. “Dude, I just got lucky in all fronts, because not only am I in Twilight, but the character’s just so damn lovable.”

Greene talks about the Twilight cast as if they were a second family, and about Pattinson as if he were an awkward brother. ” Rob. Oh, Rob. He’s very endearing, but you’ve seen his interviews. He’s like, ‘Ah, I don’t know… Oh, God,” Greene bumbles in imitation. Despite poking a little fun at him, she credits Pattinson (she calls him a ”phenomenal actor”) and the rest of the actors for helping her cope with sudden fame. ”All of us essentially were unknown. So everyone kind of went through this crazy whirlwind [together],’” Greene says. “It was really nice to be able to confide in people who were going through the exact same thing.” The vampires also bonded over a mutual dislike for the makeup and the yellow contacts, which cut off their peripheral vision.

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Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene to Promote ‘Breaking Dawn’ in Stockholm – October 28th

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene will be in Stockholm on Friday, October 28th as a part of the Breaking Dawn promotional tour.  There will also be a Twilight Fan Event held at the Royal Court arranged by Nordisk Film.

The following is the press release via Google Translation (& then personally edited for grammatical errors):

Friday 28 October, actors Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene will be in Stockholm Sweden for the premiere of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – Part 1.  Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen, Ashley Greene, who plays Edward’s sister Alice Cullen, have both become some of the world’s biggest movie stars after the successes of the previous three films in The Twilight Saga:”Twilight,” “New Moon” and ”Eclipse”.

“The cast of Twilight movies again choose Stockholm as one of the stations of the promotional tour in Europe is the result of good cooperation with the American producer of Summit Entertainment. One more reason is The Twilight Saga’s success in this part of the world and the inexhaustible commitment from the Scandinavian fanbase.  We are extremely proud and pleased thefans’ behalf that these two superstars have also chosen to come to Stockholm,” says Pia Grünler, Distribution Manager of Nordisk Film.

Nordisk Film will also this time arranging a Twilight Fan Event on Friday, 28 October at the Royal Court where Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene will meet their Scandinavian fans. The program for this event is being put together and is not yet clear.  More information about this event is released shortly.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – Part 1 is the high-profile pursuit and fourth part of Stephenie Meyer’s story of Bella and Edward’s impossible love.  Director: Bill Condon. Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene et all.  THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – Part 1 will premiere nationwide on Wednesday, November 16, 2011!

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HQ ‘Breaking Dawn: Part I’ Poster from Comic-Con 2011 featuring Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

This is the new HQ poster that was distributed to all the fans at Comic-Con’s Hall H:


Click photo for HQ

Don’t they all look so beautiful?!  I say Edward looks good, like… he grew up out of nowhere.


Thanks to BreakingDawnMovie.Org!

Robward featured in new Eclipse movie stills

Okay, seeing these makes me want to go back and see it again!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can check out the rest here!

Special Thanks: Thinking of Rob!

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Video: The final Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer for IMAX in HQ & HD!

Here’s the full version of the Eclipse trailer that was shown on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday.  This version is much cleaner and clearer to see, so nice!

Roll that beautiful bean footage…

Source: via IMAX Movies.

Radio: Kidd Kraddick to air interview with Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene calls in!

Oh, very exciting!

Attention:  All DFW KKITM fans & surrounding syndicate listeners!


Next week, (Monday, in fact), Robert Pattinson‘s interview that took place with radio morning DJ Kidd Kraddick last year will re-air.  It is such a great interview, by the way!!

Also on Monday?  Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen will call in at 8:40 AM CST!

Yes, indeed– very exciting!


Chris Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn?

Chris Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn?


Although Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg played coy when Marc Malkin asked whether she would write the screenplay for Breaking Dawn last month, we were able to confirm from our studio sources that she will, in fact, be back to write the fourth script—and possibly the fifth.

It’s still up in the air whether B.D. will be two movies—hence why everyone dodged any questions about the fourth flick during the New Moon junket.

During the press conference a reporter asked Kristen Stewart about the possibility of two movies, but the mic was immediately pulled away as the intermediary guy said “next question.”

So what’s the latest on the fourth Twilight flick? And will New Moon‘s Chris Weitz direct?

Here’s what we could squeeze out of the cast:

“I think the tentative time for Breaking Dawn is fall of next year. I think. They may well change that,” Robert Pattinson told a sea of reporters on Friday.

Rosenberg and Weitz did a panel together, and we grabbed both of them on their way out.

Have you started writing the script for Breaking Dawn, or is it still in development?
Rosenberg: “You know what, I still can’t comment on that yet!”

OK. We all know the fourth one is going to happen eventually—if you say no comment again, can we take that as a sign it’s very much in the works?
Rosenberg: [laughs.] “OK, no comment!”

As for who will direct the fourth flick? Ashley Greene thinks it’ll be a new director, but we’re not totally sure. Summit wanted Chris Weitz to direct Eclipse, but because of scheduling conflicts, he wasn’t able to. And the entire cast loves C.W., too.

Seriously, we haven’t heard one bad thing about you from the cast, crew or studio. If asked, would you come back on and direct Breaking Dawn?
Weitz: “Well, I’d be stupid not to. I loved [directing New Moon]. Summit, the cast, the crew, everyone was amazing. But making a movie takes up a lot of time, and I have a young son at home. Right now my plan is to spend a lot time with my family.”

Looks like C.W. is taking a play out of the Robsten book! We don’t think that’s a firm no—do you all? Plus, since R.Pattz said we’ve got a good year to go, maybe Chris will be ready to get back on the Twilight fan-wagon.


Unannounced NYC event for Twilight Saga: New Moon

Twilight Saga: New Moon - Photo Property of Summit Entertainment

Gossip Cop is awesome.  Enough said.

This afternoon, they released another juicy tidbit of information regarding an unannounced special screaming um.. screening event for Twilight Saga:  New Moon that will take place in the Big Apple!  How do they do it?  How do they get all this information?  I have no idea.  Do I really care?  Nope, not really.  Just know that I reap the benefits and enjoy their site tremendously.  Especially when it’s something Twilight or Rob Pattinson related.  Let’s be honest.

Anyways, back to the story at hand, right?

The event will take place in the Manhattan area on Thursday, November 19th!  And of course, we should mention who should be there, just a few people, maybe you’ve heard of them:  Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and of course, director Chris Weitz.

Can’t wait to hear more details as the date gets closer!


Robert Pattinson Wants Gus Van Sant To Direct ‘Breaking Dawn’

Robert Pattinson Wants Gus Van Sant To Direct ‘Breaking Dawn’

‘I’ve heard that we’re going to shoot it in Portland,’ Edward Cullen says of the film’s location and Van Sant’s home base.

By Larry Carroll

Robert Pattinson - Photo Property of MTV.comBEVERLY HILLS, California — In early 2008, then-little-known actors including Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner traveled to Portland to shoot a small vampire film that they hoped would get a theatrical release. Barely two years later, “Twilight” is one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, with two Vancouver-filmed sequels rolling into theaters. Now, Pattinson is revealing plans to return to the city where it all began — and recommending the Portland-based Oscar nominee he wants to direct “Breaking Dawn.”

“I probably shouldn’t say this,” Rob revealed to MTV News over the weekend, acknowledging that the wheels are slowly creeping into motion on “Breaking Dawn” getting made. “But I’ve heard that we’re going to shoot it in Portland.

“I think Gus Van Sant would be great to do it,” RPattz added, naming his dream director.

A double Oscar nominee for “Good Will Hunting” and last year’s “Milk,” Van Sant went to school in Portland, and has called the city home for many years while filming such movies as “Drugstore Cowboy,” “My Own Private Idaho” and the 2005 Kurt Cobain-quasi-biopic “Last Days.”

“He shoots everything in Portland,” reasoned the 23-year-old British heartthrob. “He’s good at making it look beautiful.”

Pattinson, whose long-term plans include starting a production company that would help make the sort of small, indie films that Van Sant has been overseeing for decades, thinks Stephenie Meyer’s fourth novel would be a perfect fit for the “To Die For” director. Overflowing with teenage angst, sex and violence, “Dawn” is the sequel that Twilighters are most eager to see. And, with scenes of Edward giving Bella a vampire cesarean, Jacob selecting the pale vampire-human baby as his soul mate and Bella as a vampire, it also promises to quite possibly be the weirdest.

“It’s all about teenage love and obsessions,” Rob explained. “I think Gus Van Sant would be great.”


MTV’s Larry Carroll covers Friday’s Hot Topic tour!

Larry Carroll is at it again and bringing us the Twilight goods over at MTV.  Check out this awesome article he wrote about his experience at this Friday’s Hot Topic Tour event at LA’s H & H!


HOLLYWOOD“New Moon” mania took over the Hollywood & Highland Center on Friday night, as one of the first stops on the movie’s nationwide Hot Topic promotional tour kicked off with an event featuring concerts by bands from the film’s soundtrack, laughs with the cast, and a special appearance by the film’s three biggest stars.

New Moon Cast Hot Topic Tour

“Thank you to you guys,” gushed Robert Pattinson, taking the stage alongside Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in front of hundreds of shrieking, black-T-shirt-clad fans. “Without you, ‘Twilight’ wouldn’t be anywhere.”

Well, on Friday night, it was everywhere. In two different storefronts, autographs were being signed by the likes of Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and members of the Wolf pack and the Volturi. In the main courtyard, Death Cab for Cutie, Band of Skulls, Sea Wolf and Anya Marina each rocked the stage for a few songs, promoting the “New Moon” soundtrack. Fans wrapped around the enormous outdoor mall like some sort of shrieking Team Edward anaconda.

“It’s a massive phenomenon, not because people are into vampires, but because it’s this love story that touches everybody,” Marina explained. “I just saw the final cut [of ‘New Moon’] last night. It’s really great!”

New Moon Cast Hot Topic Tour

Judging from the ear-shattering response of the fans, the cast Q&A was just as great. Billy Burke, Ashley Greene, Jamie Campbell Bower, Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz, Cameron Bright, Nikki Reed, Chaske Spencer, Kiowa Gordon, Alex Meraz and Bronson Pelletier all jockeyed for space on the crowded stage, waving to fans and smiling as they answered questions that usually started with “What’s your favorite…?”

Band? Burke loves AC/DC, Reaser chose the unlikely pairing of Jay-Z and Ryan Adams, Greene likes Jimmy Buffett, and Campbell Bower is a Queens of the Stone Age man.

Movie? Burke chose the original “Willy Wonka,” Bright picked “Saving Private Ryan,” Greene enjoys “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” while Kellan Lutz (clad in a “Team Emmett” shirt) selected the never-before-compared duo of “Casablanca” and Tarsem Singh’s trippy 2006 flick “The Fall.”

“We’ll talk about ‘Eclipse,’ because I’m actually in ‘Eclipse,’ ” laughed Nikki Reed at one point, referencing Rosalie’s minimal “New Moon” screen time. “We got to shoot my whole flashback sequence, which was cool.”

Wrapping up the night, each star was asked what they would want to do in Los Angeles if their fame didn’t prevent them from walking the streets unbothered. “I’d like to take a walk on the beach with Nikki Reed,” teased Reaser. “I’d prowl the streets in the nude,” added the always-outrageous Jamie Campbell Bower.

“I have a pretty good feeling that we’d be having game night at my house,” smiled Greene, looking over at Lutz and saying they’d be enjoying a rousing round of Taboo.

Playing along, Lutz — who can work a crowd of Twilighters better than a politician at a rally — said he’d still want his several hundred closest friends to come along. “I’d invite over all you guys too,” he said to approving applause.


Peter Facinelli talks about Twilight versus New Moon, family, life on the set

Vanity Fair has a new interview posted with Twilight star, Peter Facinelli.  He discusses about the differences in filming Twilight & New Moon, his family and his relationships with his fellow cast members.



Peter Facinelli - Photo Courtesy of VanityFair.comHas there been a difference in the way you interact as a cast since you filmed Twilight?

Rob[ert Pattinson] has more security guards hanging around him! [Laughs] Other than that, not really. We really enjoy each other’s company, and we’ve been working so much on this movie that we really haven’t had as much time to hang out with each other. We’re putting in these long hours and then just heading home. Usually we just try to catch dinner with each other then get back up the next morning and do it all over again.

You have so many new cast members coming into it, too …

Our group is such a great bunch that we’re all so welcoming. It’s like broadening your family base. With open arms, we were there waiting. They came out to dinners with us and just became part of the family. 

Speaking of family, will you please give me one word to describe each of the Cullen clan actors starting with Kellan Lutz?

Ok. [Laughs] Goofy!

Nikki Reed:


Jackson Rathbone:


Kristen Stewart:


Elizabeth Reaser:


Ashley Greene:

Pixie-ish, she’s like a fairy—she’s so light on her feet. Bubbly, that’s the word.

Rob Pattinson:

Mmm, Rob. Rob’s a good one. It’s hard to narrow down to one. So many words come to mind! Brooding, tortured … but he’s a good kid. What’s the word for a solidly good guy?


Solid. He is. He’s solid.

Finally, what your word of the day?



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