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Video: New Interview w/ Rob Pattinson on Fitzy & Wippa – Nova 96.9

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Audio: Robert Pattinson’s Full Interview with Cherie FM!

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Video: @bdkreviews Interviews Robert Pattinson for ‘Water for Elephants’ [Unedited]! #WFE

Of Course!  Another *Great* Interview! 🙂

I loved hearing him talk about the animals, especially Tai (“Rosie”)!  And the musical banter back & forth cracked me up!  In my personal opinion, it seems like an enjoyable, relaxed interview and you can definitely tell @bdkreviews actually cared about what Rob had to say and about the movie when talking to him.  That’s always great!

Looking forward to more interviews (especially with Rob! LOL) from you in the future, @bdkreviews!

Check it out, everybody!

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Video & Screencap: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon talk with E! News about ‘Water for Elephants’

I love this picture and I really enjoyed this interview!  Check it out!



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Videos: Robert Pattinson interviewed by Entertainment Tonight Canada

Here’s one of the many interviews that took place during the Water for Elephants press junket:



Here’s a video from their online edition:

Robert Pattinson Uncut… oh my… LOL


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New/Old Audio: Robert Pattinson’s Interview with Kidd Kraddick – Twilight press junket / Hot Topic Tour 2008

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before [Update: Actually, I hadn’t apparently.. what’s wrong with me? LOL] and I’m pretty I’ve mentioned that its one of my favorites, so don’t mind me while I share this with you! LOL

This interview took place during some of the Twilight press junket / Hot Topic tour in 2008 in Dallas, Texas.

Sorry the actual video isn’t available anymore, but you can hear him and Kidd talking!  Can’t beat that!

Part One

Part Two

Which interviews are your favorites?

Special Request: Gimme More ‘Robert Pattinson Cannes!’ LOL

Oh, yes you Cannes! LOL

So, yesterday, I uploaded a bunch of iPhone wallpapers I threw together last-minute and opened the floor up for any special requests.

So, here we go:

Laurie076: Love the first bg. I have a Blackberry Tour 7360 and the screen resolution is 480 x 360. Could you size it to fit? Thanx.

Here you go, Laurie!  I hope this is what you had in mind!

So, while I was working on that, I got kind’ve a little carried away and made some more Blackberry wallpapers…. I didn’t think you gals would complain.  I mean, C’MON!  LOL

Vote & leave a comment if you love it! 🙂

Also, leave a comment if you have any special requests.  You know, legal ones LOL

3 New Cellphone Wallpapers: Robert Pattinson… Cannes!

Robert Definitely Cannes

These were designed with the iPhone in mind.  If there any pictures specifically that you would like to see made into a wallpaper for your cellphone, just a leave a comment in this post!

If your cellphone is another model besides iPhone, please include your model’s screen resolution so I can make sure the wallpaper works the best for you!

If you like what you see, you know the drill:  make sure you vote and leave some comment love here, so I know what you like and what you want, etc.

You know as they say, practice makes perfect!  I enjoy making these for you!  He’s an excellent subject, what can I say! LOL

Jimmy Fallon talks about working with Robert Pattinson on ‘Robert Is Bothered’

PopSugar recently got an interview with Jimmy Fallon where they got some answers regarding his finally meeting Rob Pattinson and what it was like to work with him on Robert Is Bothered:

PopSugar: Can we expect to see Robert is Bothered at the Emmys?
Jimmy Fallon: Of all the bits on our show that we can do, we gave [the Academy] 10 different versions of all sorts of things we could do, to which they said these are all great, but we have to give out awards.  So, we have to cut it down to three bits.  And Robert is Bothered was not in there. I pitched Robert is Bothered for Teen Choice Awards.
PS: How was Robert Pattinson to work with on Robert is Bothered?
JF: He was a great sport.  He climbed up in the tree and did it with us.  I’ve never heard louder screams in my life.  The screams didn’t compare to anyone, even when Justin Bieber has been on.  He was describing his movie Remember Me and people would just not stop screaming.  And I was just thinking ‘this is so cool.’  What an experience.  I really hope he’s enjoying this ride.  He’s a great guy and he deserves it.  He was really shy and really happy — exactly the same backstage as he is on the interview.  He’s a charming guy, but just really shy and I just hope he’s enjoying the moment.  It must be super exciting to be him.

Aww, that was nice, Jimmy Fallon, real nice 🙂  I feel like we should all #GroupHug or something?  LOL  Let’s relive that magical interview, shall we? Yes, we shall:

Source: Check out the full article @ PopSugar via Robert Pattinson Life

Video: Robert Pattinson’s Cinescape interview during Eclipse press junket

Always So Humble!

In this interview, Rob talks about how far he’s come, the fans fascination with the Twilight Saga, fame and his future plans.

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