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Wanna Get Your Hair *Did* Like Those ‘Twilight’ Vamps?

No, This Is For Serious…

Alright, so this is sort of off-topic, but because it has Rob’s face is plastered all over the merch and display for it, so I’m going to go with it…

*  *  *

So, when I arrived to work this morning, my cellphone was buzzing like crazy. Checking it, I discovered I had a bunch of new text messages waiting for me.

One of the messages in particular was from one of my good girlfriends– we’ll call her… “Pam,” yeah… LOL — she had texted a bunch of pics with the following caption:

OMG! LOL!!!!

So, of course, I have to see whatever that was all about, what exactly warranted that kind of response out of her so early in the morning, so I open the texts and I see these gems:

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Now, am I going to personally purchase these items? Honestly, probably not, but the brushes look nice, I’ll say— I already have all of this stuff so I don’t think this stuff is necessarily for me. Regardless, I still wanted to share this with you all. I know there’s some of you out that love your Twilight merch, so maybe this is for you!

(SILLY THOUGHT:  Do you think Rob is using these for his SexHair? LOL Where’s the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn styling gel?! 😛  Bonus points to anyone who finds it cause I haven’t searched for it LOL)

McSerious Question: What do you think of these styling tools? Will you buy them?

Happy styling! LOL 😛

Thanks, um.. “Pam”, um… I mean ‘Anonymous’ [Is that Greek?] LOL



Scans & Translation: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart – Premiere Magazine (France) – September 2011

RP:  “Too Bad…”

You tell ’em, Rob! LOL



Here’s the interview including Rob’s portion only:

Première: How long did it take to film both movies?
RP: 8 months!

P: Not to quote her, but Kristen Stewart told us 6.
RP: I had to stay longer.

P: Were there some mornings when you got up and asked yourself: ‘I can’t believe we’re still filming this movie?’
RP: For sure, I mean we spent two months shooting in the same room in front of a huge green screen.

P: I hope it was the sex scene!
RP: Nope!  This one we wrapped in a day.  No, we had to film scenes where nothing happens.  We were trapped in this green screen room with fake snow all over the floor and we spent our days barely saying a word, looking each other in the , trying to look as intense as possible.

P: Nobody told you you were part of an experiment?
RP: That’s it exactly, ‘We’re going to put you in this green screen for 8 weeks, we’ll see which one will break down first.’

P: Did Bill Condon come on set with his Oscar beneath his arm?
RP: No, that’s not like him.  But I don’t think he realize what he got himself into.  He’s someone that doesn’t stress much though or he’s really good at hiding it!
It’s funny, really.  Everyone came to him screaming: ‘Bill, did you see this?  It’s nonsense!’  He’d just look at them and say ‘I know, it’s crazy.’  And the next second, he was gone.

P: It’s a way like any other of solving problems.
RP: You should have seen him.  ‘I completely agree with you.  It’s a disaster.’  And then he’d been gone for the rest of the day.  Bill is hilarious and he put some of his sense of humor in the movie.  The Twilight saga is not really known for its fun side but the previous directors seemed really attached to the angst aspect.  The beginning of the last movie is the complete opposite: light, relaxing…

P: The first images of the trailer looked indeed bright and sunny. 
Bill is an excellent screenwriter as well.  Like Chris Weitz, who was more daring with New Moon.  He wasn’t scared of drifting away from the book sometimes.  In any other movie, when a line doesn’t work, we change it during filming so it flows better.  But it wasn’t always possible with Twilight.  If I was ever uncomfortable with a line, I was told ‘You have to say this.  It’s in the book!’  Bill didn’t hesitate, ‘We’ll adjust, it’s my movie after all…’ *laughs*

P: You just made millions of fans angry.
RP: Too bad.  It just reminds me of something I saw not too long ago, when I stumbled into a picture of a girl who had the famous line ‘And the lion fell in love with the lamb’ tattooed on her.  I looked at it twice and she had ‘And the lamb fell in love with the lion’ instead.  Can you imagine that, having a movie line engraved on your skin and it’s not even the right one?

P: In the first three movies, it’s always about repressing sexuality.  In this one, it’s party time: midnight baths, sex scenes where the bed breaks, a rushed pregnancy…  I don’t know if I can handle all of this at once.
RP: It scared me a little too, to be honest.  When I heard about the last book and was said: ‘You’ll see, they sleep together all the time, it’s rough sometimes too.  Jacob falls in love with a baby…’  I was dumbfounded.  Summarized like this, you’d think it was the most screwed up story ever.  But when you read it, it’s not as shocking/scandalous.  For those who don’t know the books, I’m sure this movie is going to be by far the most interesting of the saga.  We’re gone from the teenaged fantastic genre and enter a weird drama that ventures into horror at times.  There are scenes were Bella looks like an alien.  When the baby eats her from inside, she looks so thin and ghastly.  Kristen had to wear this horrible makeup and when I’d see her come on set, I’d ask the crew: ‘’Are you sure we’re filming Twilight?  Isn’t it supposed to be harmless and PG-13?’

P: I’m sure David Cronenberg is going to be pleased.  ‘Robert just filmed the adaptation of Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo.)
RP: I think he is going to enjoy certain scenes, like the one where I open her up by biting through her placenta.  It wouldn’t have played up in one of his feature films; he would have filmed it with a close-up of course.

P: With Breaking Dawn, I think you will attract a new audience.  Beginning with those who will want to see it for the twisted plot.
RP: They’re going to get their money’s worth.  It’s hilarious, No movie this size dares taking those kind of risks.  But since the craziest scenes are a big part of the story going forward, it was impossible to not have them included in the film.  We would look at each other every day and say ’I think we don’t have a choice, we have to film those weird stuff.’  There was no way we would tone it down.

P: So you became an in ‘oral Caesarean’ expert?
RP: It was without a doubt the funniest thing I ever had to do.  I’d raise my head up and I was covered with cottage cheese or whatever substance they put in there.  Before filming the scene, Stephenie Meyer, a midwife, Kristen and I sat down to talk to a doctor to decide where I was supposed to bite if this situation would ever occur in real life.  The doctor looked at us a bit puzzled and said: ‘I don’t think you could ever do this in real life.’  *laughs*

P: I’m getting more and more excited to see this movie…
RP: I’m eager too.  I’m probably going to die laughing watching it.

P: Stop me if I’m wrong but I feel like the hysteria surrounding the saga is dying down, that you can now lead sort of a normal life…
RP: Not yet, no.  In LA, I have at least 40 seconds from the moment I arrive somewhere, before I get asked for my autograph.  It’s Twitter’s fault.  If this website didn’t exist, I’d be in peace.  When I cross a glance at someone, they hurry to get their phone out.  I know perfectly well that I’m screwed and that I’m going to spend a big part of my day shaking people off.  It’s frustrating.

P: Is it true that you caused a riot in Brazil, when you filmed the honeymoon?
Yes, we did cause one at the airport that almost got us arrested.  I still don’t know why but it was kind of scary.  The immigration guy told me: ‘You’re in my country, we’re gonna play by my rules.’  ‘Whatever you want just let me leave your airport.’  *laughs*

P: How was it like on set on the last day of filming Breaking Dawn, when you had to say goodbye to 4 years of Twilight?
We were in Canada for the last day of shooting with the entire crew.  A normal day on the set of Breaking Dawn, we were shooting at night, it was freezing and raining…  When the first assistant announced the end with his clapperboard, everybody locked themselves up in their trailer without even having a last drink.  But my last day, strictly speaking, came a bit later and it was amazing.  Part of the crew got back together to film additional shots in the Caribbean.  It was just Kristen and I, no worries…  We were shooting in the sea so I didn’t have to have makeup on or wear my contacts.  It was so hot, at the end of the day we all went out for cocktails on the beach, watching the sun rise.  I then asked myself why we didn’t do this in those four years.  Every difficult moment just vanished.



Special thanks to affiliate,!  Translation from RPLife.

Grammatically Edited by @Writing4Roses

Source via RPLife

Update On Robert Pattinson Playing “Renesmee’s Lullaby” in Breaking Dawn – Part I

Rob’s Gonna Tickle The Ivories?! Ohh… Yeahhh….

Play that beautiful music, Robward! 🙂

"They want me to do wwwaaahhhhaattt?!

Remember back in the day when we all pondered over the fact of whether or not Rob would actually take part on either the soundtrack or the score?  Yes?  No?  Ahh, well!  This just in!  (Side Note:  No, not really LOL  Actually, I thought this already posted, but it didn’t.. so better late than never, right?  I’m posting it anyway!  LOL)

On how Rob would be featuring the song in the film:

Yeah... Duh.. OBVIOUSLY.


On how talented and magnificent Rob is… OK, how he took to learning the song, actually!


Again, I say... DUH. 😛 LOL Rob's a genius, I tell you LOL

Source / Source – Thanks to The Pattinson Code!

More New Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn – Part I Movie Stills

As it seems, new pictures have now surfaced:


Oh, how these pictures make me want to see the movie even more now!

Thanks to Twilight Lexicon.

New Movie Stills of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 featured in Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview

Check out these new pictures of Breaking Dawn : Part 1 from the Entertainment Weekly Fall Movie Preview.


Hmm… I sure do love Edward’s face in this picture!


Thanks to Twilight Poison!

New BTS Photo from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn feat. Rob, Kristen & director Bill Condon

Lookin’ good, Edward!!


Video: MyAnna Buring talks about working with Robert Pattinson, “he’s a really lovely, lovely guy”


In this interview, MyAnna talks about how she found out she got the part of Tanya Denali in Breaking Dawn, Team Edward vs Team Jacob and what its like to work with Rob and everyone on the cast.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’s Soundtrack Release Date Announced

Twilight Saga Fan Exclusive! We’re excited to announce the official soundtrack will be available in stores and online on November 8! Who are you most excited to see on the album???

I’m going to go on a limb here and beg….

Rob?  Rob?!  How about Rob?  Is Rob going to be on it?  Rob will be on it, right? Rob, right?  I got it right?  Can Rob please be on it?  You better hope he’s on there… just saying… LOL!

Here’s some more information from the official soundtrack website:

Summit Entertainment, Chop Shop Records, and Atlantic Records have announced the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, the musical companion to the highly anticipated fourth installment in Summit’s worldwide blockbuster film franchise. Due in stores and online Tuesday, November 8, the soundtrack’s release date was revealed this past Saturday, August 13 on The Twilight Saga’s various social networks, in celebration of the wedding anniversary of lead characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. The collection’s tracklisting will be revealed in the next few weeks. The film release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1″ comes to theatres nationwide on November 18.

For more information, check us out on Twitter by following @BreakingDawnStk.

The next few weeks?!  Are you crazy?!  People of Summit, I cannot wait that long… I need to now whether or not if Rob’s going to be on it or not!  Don’t you get it? LOL


New French Poster of Breaking Dawn Part 1 featuring Robert Pattinson

Here’s a French version of The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn: Part I movie poster.

Source via Twilight Poison.

Video: BooBoo Stewart talks about Robert Pattinson being “naturally funny”


Beginning @ 4:45 of the video, BooBoo Stewart talks to CleverTV about the day he finally got to chat with Rob!  Very cute! 😉  I love that he says Rob is “naturally funny,” what a jokester!

@RobPattzNews & @ThinkingofRob

Scans: France’s One Magazine featuring Robert Pattinson, ‘Cosmopolis’ & ‘Breaking Dawn’ – August/September 2011

Special thanks to affiliate, via source.