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Article: Gossip Cop clears up New Moon @ Rome Film Festival rumors

In an exclusive report from Gossip Cop, they’ve got some sweet details for us regarding New Moon!  Woohoo!

From GossipCop:

New Moon Movie Poster - Photo Property of Summit Entertainment via Gossip CopOK, “Twilight” fans, the question is this: Will you be packing your bags for Italy?

The Internet has been buzzing for a day with different rumors about unseen “New Moon” footage possibly being screened at the International Rome Film Festival in October. Many fan sites have speculated about what would be shown, how much would be shown, who would be there, and when.

Summit Entertainment came to Gossip Cop with answers:

– There will be an event on October 22 at the Rome Film Festival like there was last year, and Summit “will show ‘used’/repackaged footage like the Comic-Con pieces and on set B roll.”

– “There will probably be one ‘new’ scene [to be determined] just prior to talent introductions and audience Q&A, but will be a few minutes at most.”

– She went on to say that Summit is “still discussing specifics internally,” and “will have more details in the coming days.”

– As for who will be there? “It looks like Melissa Rosenberg, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Charlie Bewley will be in attendance.”

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Advertisements Live from New York!… It’s Robert Pattinson?

Regardless, this still gives me hope ROFLMAO

From GossipCop:

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Our troublemaking friends at E! ended up starting a rumor last night while campaigning to get Robert Pattinson a hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.”

They asked three castmembers, Seth Meyers, Kristen Wiig, and Andy Samberg on the red carpet of the Emmys last night if they would like Pattinson to host SNL this season, and all three gave the thumbs-up. When Meyers was asked, “So, the powers that be at SNL would be into Rob hosting?” he responded “Yes, absolutely.”

Well, not long after that the Internet was ablaze with talk that Pattinson may host SNL, and Gossip Cop was e-mailed and Tweeted by hundreds of fans wanting to know the truth – the whole Truth and not just E!’s The Awful Truth.

Here’s what we got: A source close to the show tells Gossip Cop, “He is not currently booked for the season.” But the insider, echoing the castmembers, adds, “the show would love to have him on at any time.” Now brace yourself fans: The source basically said Pattinson was offered an SNL hosting gig, but “apparently there were scheduling conflicts.”

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Article: Summit Partners with Creation Entertainment for Official Twilight Fan Convention


The Cast of Twilight

The Cast of Twilight


Summit Entertainment has banded together with Creation Entertainment to produce official “Twilight” fan conventions for the next three years.

The official conventions will feature appearances from a host of “Twilight” stars. They will also feature exclusive footage, panel discussions, “Twilight” parties, musical performances and more, organizers confirmed to Access Hollywood.

“It is a delight to be involved with the tremendous excitement that surrounds ‘The Twilight Saga,’” Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, said in a statement to Access. “The fans are incredibly knowledgeable about the property and have used the story as a springboard for their own creativity.”

Ferries said the conventions will seek some serious participation from the attendees

“The Official ‘Twilight’ Fan Conventions will allow attendees the chance to show off their ‘Twilight’ inspired artwork, writing, costumes, filmmaking and music with thousands of their fellow fans,” her statement continued. “While the conventions will offer fans the chance to cheer for their favorite actors they are equally about gathering with like-minded folks and forming friendships based on a common devotion.”

The group will plan conventions across the U.S., in Canada and in the U.K.

For more information, interested parties can log on to

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Clarification: Robert Pattinson’s Current Love Life Rumor

Aww, I knew it was too good to be true! LOL

Sorry, ladies, you know I do whatever I can to find the good stuff— this rumor has been clarified…. read more below…


Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

From “The Gossip Cop:

The Daily Mirror, out of England, claims in a headline: “Twighlight exclusive – Robert Pattinson: I haven’t got a girlfriend.” Exclusive nonsense.

Let’s look at some of the facts, shall we?

First, these clowns can’t even spell “Twilight” correctly in the headline.

Next, after the “exclusive” begins, it notes that Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “were caught snuggling up together at a Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver where they’re filming the hotly-awaited movie sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Doh! They’re filming “Eclipse.”

So maybe this “exclusive” is just an old exclusive. But in the next paragraph it reads, “In an exclusive interview with the vampire just days before the pictures [of him and Stewart] were taken, heart-throb Robert insists he’s still single and adds: “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

A few things come to mind: (1) the story sounds made up (2) why would the Mirror hold onto an “exclusive” interview with Pattinson for about a week before publishing it (3) the star was in Los Angeles at around the time of the alleged interview, and Gossip Cop knows for a fact that he was not sitting down to talk about his personal life (4) the story sounds made up. Oh, did we say that already? And (5) no one from the Mirror could answer Gossip Cop’s question about when or where the interview was conducted, but said they would get back to us (we’re still waiting).

Even though we’ve established that this “exclusive” seems fabricated, we’ll still share with you a couple of “quotes” – for laughs – that the Mirror claims the incredibly popular and private star said.

Among the nuggets are “You always think you’re going to get more girls after you’ve made a movie and it never happens,” and “You sit there and you’re like ‘I’m a big movie star and I want to go out with some models’ but I don’t know why that doesn’t happen.”

It’s pieces like this that make Gossip Cop want to “Moon” the Mirror.

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Special thanks to Just_Christy for the clarification!

Article: Robert Pattinson is completely single!

Well, ladies— get your hankies ready! I have come to spread the Good News!! LOL


Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Good news, Robert Pattinson fans: He’s not dating anyone.

At least that’s what the Twilight star, who only days ago was seen getting cozy with costar Kristen Stewart, wants Britain’s Daily Mirror to believe. “I don’t have a girlfriend,” claims the apparently lonely actor. “I don’t know why.”

Currently filming Eclipse – the third in the vampire series – Pattinson, 23, appears surprised at this turn of events. “You always think you’re going to get more girls after you’ve made a movie and it never happens,” he insists.

“You sit there and you’re like, ‘I’m a big movie star and I want to go out with some models,’ but I don’t know why that doesn’t happen.”

All Varieties Welcome

For those hoping to snare him, Pattinson offers a tip: He doesn’t really “have a type.”

“It’s especially different in L.A. Most of the women there are actresses and by default that makes them a little bit nuts – not that that’s a bad thing,” he observes. “Whenever I get asked who my favorite celebrity crush is, I have no idea.”

When it comes to the attention he does manage to receive, Pattinson says, “Most of the girls are all pretty young, so it’s just kind of funny. But then you get the Twilight Mums who love you like mums! And you can take that too far. I mean, it could be ‘Edward breaks up Twilight family.’ ”

‘I Looked Like a Girl’

Frankly, the sex-symbol image surprises him. Originally he aimed to become a politician, though he did model, despite his lack of shape.

“I always looked like a girl up until a few years ago, and because I never did any sports or anything I was always kind of gangly,” he says. “I was never really a good model.

In fact, he concedes, “I was terrible at it. I wasn’t skinny enough to be a little waif and I didn’t want to work out to be a beefy guy, so I was always stuck between two things and so I never got any jobs.”

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** Please read this post for further clarification!  Thanks! :O)

Article: Are Angels the New Vampires?

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson


Do Robert Pattinson and the rest of Twilight‘s hot vampires need to worry about an attack of killer angels?

Legion, which stars Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Kate Walsh, Tyrese Gibsonnot to mention the most limber granny ever—comes loaded with big explosive stuff about the end of the world, the Second Coming and swarms of avenging angels. Plus, Bettany plays the kind of mysterious stranger who says little, kicks butt and knows how to make things go boom.

OK, so maybe this guy’s no Edward Cullen, but the special effects are literally jaw-dropping, the mixture of action and religion intriguing and the wall-climbing granny gives us faith that this angelic film is something we’ll be checking out. Do you agree?

Still a sucker for vampires? Get a taste in our TV’s Hottest Vampires gallery.

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Article: E! Online: Cranky About Robsten?

See, I don’t even know what to think about this anymore.

Sometimes I wish they’d just say are together already & just get it over with, give the people what they want & move on just so people will get over themselves.

The other part of me is like why do they have to be together?  Maybe they’re just nice people who happen to get along & did a great film (almost 4 total) together.  So they’ve got good chemistry, good for them.  What do you think?

On a happy note, I do wish a very happy “Congratulations!” to Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer!  They announced they’re engaged.  I must have been under some rock, cause honestly, I didn’t know they were together.  See, it is possible to have a relationship & not be bothered in the public eye.  And when I say public eye, I mean you’re a celebrity & people are all up in your business.

See, Rob & Kristen, it’s really just that easy.  Just put it out there, even though it’s not true, I won’t tell!  Let all the Robsten lovers die happy with antcipation & we can all go on with our lives :O)

Honestly, I just want the man to be happy & that’s what makes him happy, I could be down with that,.. I guess? LOL  They both need to be happy.  So, let me please clarify– I’m equal opprotunity here.  Robsten or no Robsten.  I’m happy either way.  Team Switzerland, I guess you could say LOL

Robsten ya later,

– Ashley :O)

From E! Online:

Paquin + Moyer = TrueLove vs. Robsten

Just because we totally heart Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart doesn’t mean we have to love them all the time. We’re starting to get a tad annoyed at the Twilight sweethearts. Why can’t they be a smidge more like Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer?

Look, we don’t need a defacto “we’re together” statement or PDA sesh from Robsten. We love that they’re private. It sky rockets their chance of actually somewhat staying together. But we’re getting a little bored of all of this sneaking around and Rob and Kristen recently following the “what Summit says goes” mantra in interviews.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled for the newly engaged True Blood couple ’cause we seriously adore Anna and Stephen. They seem to have one of the best grasps on Hollywood relationships that we’ve seen in a very long time. They don’t blab to the media about each other, but they also won’t pretend like they haven’t seen each other naked whenever they are out for public appearances.

The engagement might be a little fast, but we wish them the best of luck. Like, really. At least one vampire fairy tale is out in the open.

So please Rob and Kristen. Throw us a teeny tongue waggin’ bone. Are we the only ones getting a little frustrated?

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Glamour UK: Robert Pattinson’s The Sexiest Man Alive

Rob is more than just sexy! LOL
Rob is more than just sexy! LOL

Um, yeah Glamour UK, I could have told you that!

From Glamour UK:

Glamour readers have voted Robert Pattinson the sexiest man alive.  The actor who plays Edward Cullen in the hit Twilight movie series was voted ahead of fellow Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.  Fellow Brits David Beckham and Colin Firth also made the top ten.

Meanwhile it’s been revealed that Rob is the target of Kirsten Dunst, who is reportedly “infatuated” with him after meeting him in New York on the set of his latest project Remember Me. Dunst joins the queue behind Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and Dakota Fanning for declaring their interest in him.


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Photo:  Glamour UK.


Article: Robert Pattinson Confounded By Edward Cullen’s Popularity

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

This mentioned article is actually referring to an old interview Rob did back right when Twilight was about to come out.  Woweeewow, how the times have changed for him.  Poor guy…


Even though he’s already filmed several films as the guy, Robert Pattinson says that he still can’t quite understand the vampire’s hold on his legion of female fans.

“With virtually anyone the nice guys always seem to come last. You always get weirdos like Edward who seem to attract women for some reason,” Robsie-boy tells

He adds, “If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality he is like one of those guys who would probably be an axe murderer or something.” And what a sparkly, charming axe murderer he would be!

However, RPattz claims that the adoration and obsession projected upon him doesn’t bother him. Rather, he says it’s “amazing” and “not scary.” He just still doesn’t quite understand it. Don’t question it, Rob, just embrace the crazy fan love.


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Article: Who will protect Robert Pattinson?

Respect Robert Pattinson!
Respect Robert Pattinson!


By Ree Hines contributor
updated 8:10 p.m. CT, Mon., Aug 3, 2009

The streets of New York City just aren’t safe for “Twilight’s” leading man, Robert Pattinson. It seems throngs of female fans eager to get a glimpse or maybe even a grab of the man behind the vamp pose a bigger threat than the actor’s bodyguards can handle.

“Enough is enough,” a concerned official from the New York City Police Department told “His security people aren’t up to the task of keeping him safe, and they have no idea how to deal with the crowds this guy attracts.”

According to the NYPD insider, a June incident, in which a taxi struck Pattinson as he attempted to flee a mob of overzealous fans, provided ample evidence of the young star’s problematic security detail.

“That’s amateur hour,” the official said. “We have celebrities a lot bigger than this guy who can come and go in perfect safety because we know how to take the right precautions. We have presidents and kings come and go. This poor kid can’t get in or out of a car without things getting dangerous.”

As for a solution, well, that’s up to Pattinson and “his people.” While the police department has an interest in the safety of everyone in the city, they don’t plan on asking taxpayers to subsidize Pattinson’s protection.

“We’re not providing security,” an NYPD spokesperson explained. “The police department does not provide it for actors. Specific to this issue, we are not currently providing private security for Robert Pattinson.”


Special thanks to JittzPattzing for the heads up!


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E-Online: What Happened to “Victoria”?

Hmm… sometimes it’s so hard to believe what you see or what you read, but I could totally see this.  Just wanted to share it with you.

– Ashley :O(


Rachelle LeFevre & Bryce Dallas Howard

Rachelle LeFevre & Bryce Dallas Howard


Sounds like redheaded beauty Rachelle Lefevre‘s sudden departure from the Twilight movie franchise may not be as amicable as everyone wants us to believe.

As Twilight aficionados already know, Summit Entertainment announced last night that fellow ginger gal Bryce Dallas Howard will replace Lefevre as Victoria in the just-about-to-start-shooting Eclipse.

Official reason is scheduling conflicts, but money may be a part of the problem, too…

First up, Lefevre got a hefty pay increase for the vampire franchise’s third installment, according to sources.

Then she snagged a role in Barney’s Version, an indie flick costarring Paul Giamatti, which she planned to film between the New Moon and upcoming Eclipse shoots.

But then, I’m told, Lefevre’s Eclipse schedule with director David Slade was tweaked and overlapped with Barney’s Version.

“Summit could have made it work,” one source says. “But they saw that they could save a lot of money by recasting her. This could get really messy.”


Because Summit could try to argue that they no longer have to pay Ms. Lefevre. However, Lefevre’s team believes she should get her money because they feel the studio is the one who caused the trouble by changing the shoot schedule.

Money and Howard aside, Lefevre will certainly be missed, sources said. As one of the older members of the cast (yeah, she’s only 30, but remember this is Twilight!), she was, for many of her young costars, the on-set mother hen.

“They’d all come and talk to her about everything,” one of the sources said. “She knew all the drama on and off set. And she is one of the easiest people there to deal with. She never complains, does whatever anyone asks, and she has a good head on her shoulders.”

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Update: Rachelle Lefevre Gives Statement on “Victoria”

This official statement was released to Access Hollywood from actress, Rachelle Lafevre.


Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre



Summit Entertainment announced the replacement of “Twilight Saga” star Rachelle Lefevre in the series’ third film, “Eclipse,” on Tuesday night – and fans weren’t the only ones surprised by the news — Rachelle was shocked as well!

“I was stunned by Summit’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for ‘Eclipse,’” Rachelle said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

On Tuesday, Summit announced that Bryce Dallas Howard would be taking on the role in “Eclipse,” due in May 2010.


Trading Roles:  Rachelle Lefevre & Bryce Dallas Howard
Trading Roles: Rachelle Lefevre & Bryce Dallas Howard

“I was fully committed to the ‘Twilight’ saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria,” Rachelle continued, explaining the turn of events that led to the casting change. “I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to ‘Barney’s Version’ is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for ‘Eclipse.’ Although the production schedule for ‘Eclipse’ is over three months long, Summit said they had a conflict during those ten days and would not accommodate me. Given the length of filming for ‘Eclipse,’ never did I fathom I would lose the role over a 10 day overlap. I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it. Summit chose simply to recast the part.”

Rachelle will appear in the series’ next film, “New Moon,” due Nov. 20th.



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