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Wallpaper for Fan Fiction: Don’t Take The Girl by SparklingWand

I’m probably going out on a limb here, but…

Here at The Pattinson Project, we have a our list of Fan Fiction Recommendations, so I decided to try something new.  Well, sort of…?

I’m going to start making wallpapers and/or graphics inspired by some of my favorite Twilight fan fics.

So, here it goes:

Don’t Take The Girl by SparklingWand

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Update: The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook

Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Update
There are some new important details regarding the upcoming release of this tasty treat, so check it out and do whatever you can to help!  It’s for a great cause!

Help Wanted: Now’s your chance to join The Pattinson Project Team!

Hey! Now’s your chance to join the team!

We are actively looking for news posters, wallpaper designers, video creators, event reporters, commentary bloggers for all things Robert Pattinson!  And if you have a love for Twilight, that’s a plus! LOL

Click this link to fill out the application!

Update: The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project

Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project Update

The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project

In honor of Rob’s birthday, we proudly announce that the Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook will go on sale June 30, 2010.
All profits from the cookbook will be donated to Rob’s favorite charity, The World Wildlife Fund.  Not only has Rob’s birth enriched our lives, but it will now help with the conservation of nature.
The cookbook will be available to purchase as an EBook on our websites as well as through on June 30th.

We will still be collecting recipes until June 15th so we
encourage everyone to send in their family favorites and not miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful project.

If you haven’t heard about the cookbook yet, here is the information:

Please join The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project!

We’re very excited to join forces with these fabulous fan sites of Rob’s for a charity project!

Please check it out and do whatever you can to contribute!! Its for an excellent cause!


We are pleased to announce the Robert Pattinson Fans Cookbook Project., is joining forces with,, and the fan sites listed below to create a Rob-themed cookbook where the proceeds will go to help the people of Haiti and the preservation of nature:

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Video: 10-second teaser of Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer

Umm… What?!  That’s it?!

Just in case you missed it, here it is!


Fan-Made Video: “Remember Me, Robert Pattinson” by @RayneAtTwilight

Hmm… what?  Oh.. sorry… I was in a daze from watching this video….

Check out this beautiful video for Remember Me from our friend, @RayneAtTwilight!


Fan review for ‘Remember Me’ from @CandyKizzes24! [Spoiler-free!]

Check out this awesome review from our friend, @CandyKizzes24!  She was lucky enough to attend the Remember Me premiere on Monday night and she is now sharing her thoughts [which are spoiler-free!] with everyone:

Remember Me was amazing..This is going to be his breakout role. He surpassed all my expectations in this. The cinematography was amazing, all the acting was on point. Love the way they captured NY and all the essence of it.

You will not be disappointed with the sex scenes it’s every fanfic fantasy came alive. Emilie actually surprised me and played a great role..but my favorite besides Rob was the little girl. I did however, love the chemistry between Rob and Emilie.

This was one of the most real movies I have seen in a long time. Everything was on point. I even think people who don’t even like Twilight are gonna love this. He is gonna win everyone over, and mark his spot as a true Hollywood A List actor (not that he’s not but this will seal the deal). It was emotional, loving, intense roller coaster I’ve ever been on. I am so proud of him and watching this movie from when they were making it to the big screen. I loved seeing all the Wall Street scenes :D. Also, watch out for the ending its gonna blow your mind.

Conclusion, you will not be disappointed with this film, I can’t wait for you all to see it and for us all to talk about it 😀

❤ Hope you enjoyed the review.


OK, I don’t know about you, but now I’m super excited [yes, even more than already! LOL] about seeing this movie.

Thank you so much,  @CandyKizzes24, for sharing your story with us!  So glad you had a great time!


Video: Rob’s Details Photoshoot [NSFW]

Check out this hhawwwwwt video from the current issue of Details magazine which includes a lot of outtakes from Rob’s photo shoot which haven’t even been released, yet!

Oh, and this is definitely not safe for work.. but.. I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to tell you that.  Just use your imagination!  And… enjoy! LOL


New Wallpaper: EW Rob by @SyR_seyra

Check out this new wallpaper by @SyR_seyra! Wow!


Special Thanks:  @SyR_seyra!


Fan-Made Wallpaper: “Little Ashes” by @saymmmkay

Here’s a new wallpaper from our very own @saymmkay!  Check it out, it’s for Little Ashes!


Special Thanks:  @saymmmkay