Scan: Total Film’s 2012 Preview: Cosmopolis

Here’s a scan of a great mention regarding Rob’s upcoming film, Cosmopolis, in Total Film‘s 2012 Movie Preview:

David Cronenberg may still be best known for his stomach-churning body horrors (The Fly, Videodrone, Dead Ringers) but the past decade has seen the cult Canadian enjoying growing success with less squelchy offerings.

That’s set to continue in 2012 with the 68-year-old auteur following the sophisticated likes of A History in Violence and Eastern Promises with Cosmopolis.  A Ulysses-aping road movie based on Don DeLillo’s novel: it sees Robert Pattinson star as a young billionaire running into numerous obstacles in an attempt to cross Manhattan for a haircut.

“I had a great time filming,” says Pattinson of working in Toronto, before admitting to feeling insecure about leaping from playing Edward in The Twilight Saga to DeLillo’s limo-riding Eric Packer.  “I keep saying, ‘Am I good enough? I don’t know what I’m doing.’ I loved the script, but I was afraid. I’m worried people won’t take me seriously.”

He’s shouldn’t worry. Cronenberg cast against type with Keira Knightley’s turn as a troubled psychology patient and saucepot in A Dangerous Method, which has led to critical acclaim and mutterings of an Oscar for the English rose.  Not bad for a girl who also made her name in a big budget fantasy franchise.

“The main thing is you want the best actor for the role,” Cronenberg tells Total Film, “When the smoke clears you’re on the set with this actor, and there’s no rule book that tells you who the best actor is.”  He’s certain that this role will change audience perceptions of the guy they call R-Pattz.  “All I know is, as with Keira, I thought that Robert was very underrated,” says Crony. “I don’t think that any directors who’s looking to see what Rob can do will not be able to see how terrific he is by looking at Cosmopolis.  He’s brilliant in the movie, he’s fabulous.”  High praise indeed.

ETA: 2012.

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