Video: Rob, Kristen & Taylor’s Speech @ Grauman’s Yesterday!

They all looked so great and I loved Rob’s speech– even the silly part at the end!

Via Popsugar:

It’s a big day for Twilight fans — Robert, Kristen, and Taylor’s handprints were laid down in cement on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre this morning! While Rob and Taylor were in suits, Kristen sparkled in a Marios Schwab dress. The heat was a little much for Rob, who joked that he wished he’d remembered the LA temperatures and picked a different outfit. Jimmy Kimmel introduced the trio, getting some hopes up by saying Taylor would also put his abs into the cement!

Rob’s Speech:

This is incredibly scary!  I also forgot how hot LA was, I shouldn’t have worn a suit.  Umm… [laughs]  Thank you guys so much, this is such an incredible honor; how young we are, it’s kind of ridiculous and amazing at the same time, and its all down to you guys to drive this franchise forward.  So, thank you so much, over the years, thanks for being consistent.  Thank you.  [Claps, pauses…]  You should all come up here and put your hands in!  [laughs]



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