Fan Pics: Robert Pattinson @ Handprint/Footprint Ceremony – Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles


As you know, today was Rob, Kristen & Taylor’s ceremony at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA!  They had a great turn out and now, they’re hands & feet are forever cemented on our hearts.  Aww…. see what I did there? 😛

Anyways, my friend was kind enough to share these photos with me– the view from her office window at work.

What?!?!  Do you see how close she is? LOL

That’s it!  I’m officially changing jobs & flying to LA pronto!  I’m going to work with her LOL

My favorite part about the pictures (besides Rob, of course) is that you can see Sam & Rob’s mom off to the side, equally proud and taking pictures.  So cool! 😉

Special thanks to my friend for sharing!  (You know you’re awesome!)  And…. I’m pretty sure she’d like to remain anonymous since she was at work at all— you know how it is LOL!  If you use the following photos, please credit this site.  Thank you!


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