Wanna Get Your Hair *Did* Like Those ‘Twilight’ Vamps?

No, This Is For Serious…

Alright, so this is sort of off-topic, but because it has Rob’s face is plastered all over the merch and display for it, so I’m going to go with it…

*  *  *

So, when I arrived to work this morning, my cellphone was buzzing like crazy. Checking it, I discovered I had a bunch of new text messages waiting for me.

One of the messages in particular was from one of my good girlfriends– we’ll call her… “Pam,” yeah… LOL — she had texted a bunch of pics with the following caption:

OMG! LOL!!!!

So, of course, I have to see whatever that was all about, what exactly warranted that kind of response out of her so early in the morning, so I open the texts and I see these gems:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, am I going to personally purchase these items? Honestly, probably not, but the brushes look nice, I’ll say— I already have all of this stuff so I don’t think this stuff is necessarily for me. Regardless, I still wanted to share this with you all. I know there’s some of you out that love your Twilight merch, so maybe this is for you!

(SILLY THOUGHT:  Do you think Rob is using these for his SexHair? LOL Where’s the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn styling gel?! 😛  Bonus points to anyone who finds it cause I haven’t searched for it LOL)

McSerious Question: What do you think of these styling tools? Will you buy them?

Happy styling! LOL 😛

Thanks, um.. “Pam”, um… I mean ‘Anonymous’ [Is that Greek?] LOL



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One response to “Wanna Get Your Hair *Did* Like Those ‘Twilight’ Vamps?”

  1. Stefter says :

    I don’t know what to say to this…um….I’m…..I don’t know. LOL

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