Semi-Exclusive Fan Photos: Robert Pattinson On Cosmopolis Set – May 29th


Lookyyyy!!! *gasps*

I’m not going to lie:  I am extremely excited to share the following pictures with you!  @Stefter was kind enough to share her photos and a little write-up about what happened on that fateful RobDay
These are the pics I took on May 29th at the first location shoot for Cosmopolis.  They aren’t great pics, my hands were shaking really bad. LOL
Also, Rob and Dean walk really fast, so a lot of times it was just luck to be able to get them at all.  Dean and Rob have the RobShield down to a fine art.  They walk in such a way that doesn’t make it easy to get good pics unless you have one of those paparazzi cameras.
The pic of Rob standing by the car in his street clothes, waving to the fans, was taken by my friend @drapht13.  My cameras had both died by this time.  It’s also the best pic in the bunch because my crappy camera and my shaky hands didn’t take it! LOL
Super Special Thanks to:  @Stefter of RobDays for semi-exclusively sharing her experience with me, as well as all of these great photos!!  Also to her friend @drapht13 for sharing their pictures, too!  You are both SOOO SOO lucky! 😉
* * *  If you use these photos and/or the encounter for your own publication, please have the common courtesy to credit The Pattinson Project by using this link!!!!  * * *

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