@GuriWeinberg blogs about “little chick” Mackenzie Foy, mentions some guy named Rob…?


Okay, so yeah… this entire blog entry is made with a lot of ‘aww,’ I couldn’t help but share it with everybody!

Guri Weinberg

Come November, we will finally be able to see Guri Weinberg bring the character of Romanian vampire Stefan to life on-screen with the fourth installment of The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn – Part I.

And to think that I was just blogging the other day about Guri tweeting about Rob and wondering if he had any other morsels of info and wah-lah, here we go:

With the awesome advice of his wife (Guri, she is a smart woman!), he has decided to take his storytelling to blog format and share with us his adventures, if you will.

The most recent post is dedicated to Mackenzie Foy who will be playing the role of Renesmee (Side-note:  I’m always afraid I’m going to misspell that child’s name.  Someone please spell check that!  LOL) in BD, as well.  While sharing his thoughts on Mackenzie, he happens to mention a couple of names you might (haha!) recall– one in particular being Rob! 🙂


I met Mackenzie Foy in October 2010 when some of the new cast in the Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn flew into Baton Rouge for some make-up/wardrobe screen tests and to discuss our roles with director, Bill Condon. While we were there, we got an invitation from the producers for a dinner party. Imagine our surprise when we show up and see Rob, Kristen, Stephenie, Ashley, Kellan, Nikki, Jackson…

and Mackenzie.

. . .

Watching her with Kristen and Rob was nothing short of beautiful. She fit right in. She deserves all the success heading her way and I feel honored to have worked with her.

Click here to read the entire blog entry.

Awww… see?  It’s an auto-pilot now!

I’m looking forward to reading more of your ‘stories,’ Guri!  Thanks for sharing!



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