Audio: Songs from a Room releases full clip of Robert Pattinson singing in 2010

!!!!! I… Music… Rob… Something.. Singing… He… I….!!!!

Remember when the rumors hit the internet back in 2010 about Rob performing somewhere and then one day a short video of epicness hit the web? Remember this?

Well, apparently, the fine folks of Songs from a Room are confused and think today is Christmas! [note:  *whispers* Don’t worry, I’m not planning on correcting them, are you?  Nah, I didn’t this so!]

Yeah, I cannot even speak right now.   I will just shut up and share this with you:

An impromptu performance by Robert Pattinson at a past London ‘Songs From a Room’ secret living room gig. One of the many ‘Sofarsounds’ events that showcase new artists and give musicians a chance to be heard in an intimate setting.  Sofarsounds have recently launched their ‘Kickstarter’ donations appeal to give fans a unique way of supporting new artists and become part of their international movement.

You can donate to the movement here with a great reward scheme!
Be sure to check out some of the other artists on here and our page!

Click here to play the audio clip!

Updated 05/17/2011:  Ohhhh, thank you to whoever did this!  There’s a YouTube video of the audio clip!  Yay!

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