Fan Review: @Marystat sees ‘Water for Elephants’ in Norway & shares her thoughts! #WFE

I Have Some of the Luckiest Friends…

No, seriously!  Today, @Marystat was fortunate enough to see ‘Water for Elephants‘ which opened in Norway today.  She was kind enough to share her personal thoughts on the film with my affiliate, Strictly Robert Pattinson.

Oh, and before you all go and get your panties in a bunch, she was kind  enough to not include any spoilers!  We can all breathe a little easier now:

My review of ‘Water for Elephants’ by @Marystat

Well I am not a professional movie critic and yes I am a biased Robert Pattinson fan, but I am also honest and know what I like and do not like… and I LOVED THIS!

I will try to write this review as spoiler free as I am able to, since I know that the movie doesn’t open for the US general public until April 22nd. Norway was luckier. It opened today, April 15th! I can’t recall that happening ever, but Fox Norway told me that has happened before; when and with what movie, I do not know.

Anyway, back to my review,  and I promise you my review is anything BUT negative to this movie, yes I will say it up front, LOVED THIS MOVIE, LOVED THE LOOK, THE FEEL, THE MOOD of the movie.

Then I get down to specifics: (no spoilers)

First up, the cinematography: STUNNING! The color, the tone, the scenery, the camera angle, even with my untrained eye, was absolutely stunning. This was truly a labor of love of all involved with this movie!

The music fit the stunning cinematography perfectly; the score, the songs used in the movie, perfect for the scenes.

The actors: Hal Holbrook playing Jacob in the beginning and towards the end (older Jacob) played him wonderfully as a sweet, old, but very fierce man. With a great sense of humor, too! I actually wish they had used a little more of old Jacob in the movie from the nursing home he was in but that is actually my only “issue” with the movie. Yes, I know this would cut in on Rob’s screen time, but I enjoyed this part of the book, too.

Then of we got Christoph Waltz as psychotic August. This guy is TRULY an amazing actor and I would love to see him in a movie where he plays the hero, too. This guy totally went all out as August. He was as despicable with the animals as he is in the book; Christoph had the character nailed down to the letter! He blew me away! How he can manage to act so viciously towards animals (yes I said ACT, I am sure Christoph is a wonderful guy!) is beyond me. That is ACTING, folks, hats off to this guy!

Reese Witherspoon, what can I say about her that hasn’t been said already? She played Marlena beautifully, with grace and strength.  She really is a great actress and can do a lot more than romantic comedies; she made Marlena strong yet vulnerable in this movie, and her relationship with the animals came out beautifully here. I can certainly understand why she is an Academy Award winner.

The Roustabouts, including Kinko/Walter and his dog, more praises to them–Kinker was actually pretty good-looking for a little guy; I had imagined him bald in the book for some reason, but I liked the look he had in the movie. Jim Norton (who played Camel) made me love the character.

Tai as Rosie, what can I say…that elephant had me squeeing like a fool internally. She is just a sight for sore eyes. Stunning, beautiful, impressive, and so adorable for words! Tai played Rosie perfectly and whoever trained her for this movie, hats off to that trainer!

And now I hear you say, WHAT ABOUT ROB? Yes, I know you waited for that! I have not forgotten him! How could I?!

Rob proved he could hold his own as a leading man, a ROMANTIC leading man too, but he also showed me a few surprises in this movie…I caught myself going “whoa, wow” a few times and that wasn’t just me drooling over how he looks like as young Jacob. A sight for sore eyes and he played Jacob BEAUTIFULLY, but Rob’s acting showed me something I hadn’t really seen or paid attention to before…he showed some of that in Remember Me, too. There was a scene where Jacob was at a breaking point filled with rage… Rob did his part in a way similar to his rage in Remember Me but then it shifted…to a stone-cold, hard-core PSYCHO! Rob did not overdo that scene, his acting is actually very subtle at times, he odes a lot with his eyes, watch those eyes and you may get a few surprises…. Jacob raged but then managed to calm himself down from wanting to tear apart the carriage he was in to get into action taking revenge on August. The look on his face as he grabbed a small knife on his way to kill August as revenge, in the book it was described well, too, but seeing Rob I realized….he scared me with that look! If I had ever seen him looking at me that way I’d count my last seconds in life… Rob can DEFINITELY pull off playing a psychotic character if he’s ever offered that part. He looked DANGEROUS. Jacob was dangerous in that very scene. He came to find Marlena and August on the bed sleeping, Marlena wakes up and sees Jacob in that state but she looks at him and Jacob becomes himself again, he tries to take revenge but can’t. He’s not a psycho after all.

Rob’s acting in this was anything BUT wooden. He seemed to have been at total ease even with the romantic scenes with Reese, they had AMAZING chemistry, it really lit up the screen! No, I am not hinting at any romantic, real-life flirt here, I am saying they were two actors who were brilliantly matched as the romantic pairing in this movie, as their characters. There was no awkwardness in their scenes, it all felt very fluent and natural.  They made you fall in love with their characters, and their love story. You WANTED to root for them.

Rob’s interaction with Tai as Rosie…I wonder if these was his fave scenes to do. He was a natural with her! Seriously! He must have had such fun! The same with Reese, she seemed to adore Tai J.

I honestly believe this was a total labor of love from both cast and crew in this movie. I think they all totally enjoyed doing this, but it had to be a LOT of hard work, too. There was some physical stuff happening that I am sure was new to Rob, too, and he pulled it off brilliantly.

So there you have it, my attempt of writing a review, no, it is not a professional one but it is how I feel about the movie, I’ve got nothing but praises for all involved. Is it as good as the book? I say it is pretty damn close! I would give it a 5.5 outta 6 stars, why missing the last 0.5 star? ‘Cos I wanted to see a lil’ more of old Jacob, that’s all, nothing else!

Source  |  Super Special Thanks:  @Marystat, @Vanessarae1


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