Photos: Robert Pattinson presents with Reese Witherspoon at ACM’s

Aww, man…

So, Rob didn’t pull through for me.. LOL That’s right, he didn’t wear the obnoxious belt buckle nearly the size of Texas!  I hear your gasps of shock, I can hear you, it’s true.  I know he totally missed out on his one chance to go all out, but didn’t!  Instead, he just showed up looking all kinds sexy.  I guess I’m okay with that…

All kidding aside, the man looked great, didn’t he?  Wowzers!  And Reese was beautiful, too!  They looked great!


Phone Screencaps:



Screencap by Katrina for Robsessed


Official Photos:

For more beautiful photos like this one, click here!


Special Thanks: Robsessed


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