Confirmed: March 18th – Robert Pattinson to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Ohhhh, happy day….


March 18th is one of many important days on Rob’s schedule as he has been recently confirmed as a return guest for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Of course, this is in promotional support of his upcoming film, Water for Elephants.  But, let’s be honest:  he could go on to the discuss the local phone book for all we care… right?  LOL  #JustSaying


His last appearance brought us a lot of gems that we all still talk about to this day, so I’m looking forward to what this one brings in… I don’t know… 18 days?  (Note:  yes, I counted.  “Shaddup in ya face!”).

Are you excited?  Which popular TV talk shows would you like to see Rob appear on?  As for me, I always love him on Ellen’s show… but as for shows he’s never been on I’d be curious to see him on Graham Norton’s show and Conan’s show would be awesome!!!  Heck, Chelsea Lately—  she wouldn’t know what to do with herself… LOL


Special Thanks, @ThinkingofRob (Semi-private joke:  and/or Ryan LOL)


Source via PattinsonLife


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