Is Robert Pattinson *really* going to tickle the ivories for Part II of ‘Breaking Dawn’?!

So, I was online earlier today when I came across something and I wasn’t sure if it was true or not.  I mean because, let’s be honest.. if it’s on the Internet, it’s true, right?  Yeah…

The odd thing is how I even ended up finding out the information in the first place, I wasn’t looking for it— honest.  My research (see: Lazy Saturday afternoon LOL) had nothing to do with Rob or Twilight. [*coughs* I’m lying *coughs*]  In the end, it is as it always is… all things lead back to Twilight and Robert Pattinson.  God help me, it is true!  I’m in trouble… always!



"They want me to do what?!


Okay, back on point here, what I found out is that apparently according a certain composer’s website that a certain somebody is going to play a piece of the score in the movie.  Say… whhhhhhatt?? Are you serious? (I mean, “this is great… this is greattt!”)





Per Mr. Burwell’s site:

And he just wrote “Renesmee’s Lullaby” for Twilight Breaking Dawn 2, which Rob Pattinson will play on camera. The film will be released in November 2012.


But wait a minute… Isn’t Rob the same guy that didn’t want to play someone else’s piece during the filming of Twilight because it felt weird or whatever?

So, that makes me wonder:  Did Rob have a say in the song… maybe they co-wrote or he gave suggestions, etc?  That would be cool.  Regardless, I hope this pans out.  It will be great to see Rob play somethinganything… I don’t know.. complete and that isn’t limited to a blurb on YouTube, know what I’m saying?  Or in a crowded bar of people who can’t stop gabbing the whole time.  (PSA:  Shh! LOL)  I hope this isn’t the only music we’ll be hearing from Rob in the near future! (eyes Summit, ahem-ahem) LOL

What I want to know is since they did the whole motion-over-sound thing (or whatever it’s called) for Twilight, does that mean that this time for Breaking Dawn it will be Rob Pattinson himself playing or is this going to be like just the beginning of Rob playing and then the ‘marketed version’ taking over and finishing the song?? Cause, let’s be honest with Summit & their counterparts, we’re not interested in the latter.  If you promise Rob Pattinson playing music (forreal), you should offer Rob Pattinson playing (forreal).  Got it? Great, good.  Meeting adjourned.

Oh, but wait a second!!!  What do YOU think?  Are you excited about this new piece of info?  Or could you absolutely care less?

Leave me some comment love down below!



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3 responses to “Is Robert Pattinson *really* going to tickle the ivories for Part II of ‘Breaking Dawn’?!”

  1. vampire_craze says :

    OMFG! Say what! No way! Summit is such a tease, I tell you.. such a tease. They’re making me wait a year and 10 months. Evil henchmen! LOL

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