It’s (almost) 10:35 PM CST… do you know where your Rob is? LOL

Tonight is going to be.. wait for it… le-gen-dary!

Yes, my friend’s tonight’s a very special night!  Let the fun and sarcasm begin!

Excuse me while I go slightly off-topic here as I’m celebrating the happiness of one of Rob’s friends!  Which one?  It’s hard to pick.. there’s a lot of goodness going around with his friends!

If you tune into NBC around 10:30-ish tonight, you will witness something pretty amazing.  Tonight is the night that Bobby Long will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Bobby is currently promoting his recently released album,  A Winter Tale, as he is also kicking off his American tour– big stuff, kids, big stuff!!  Check out his album if you haven’t already and add it to your must-buy ASAP list!


So, all this excitement  got me to thinking:  Rob’s in the States as we speak as he’s busy filming which means the chances of his actually watching the show and celebrating his close friend’s big feat are super high.  I could help but get lost in my imagination.

Yes, in the land of my imagination I gather that he’s hosting a party in his hotel room and instead of hiring catering services, he’s taking matters of the festivities into his own hands!  How do you ask?  He’s serving up Heineken and Hot Pockets.  Yummy, right? LOL

Or maybe… he’s having a quiet night at his home-away-from-home and having a chat on his iPhone and partaking in some 3-way FaceTime with musician buddies, Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster!  Oh yes,  they are definitely exchanging notes on the cool ways Bobby bounces his hair (cause it’s darn pretty, right?!) and they should lit’rally try the same thing sometime soon.  Riighhhhtt…???


Ooo!  Here’s an idea:

Maybe he’s already spent enough time with all his cast friends and they’ve gone home for the night– they’re all going to have their own party for Bobby anyway and now it’s just Rob & Tom Sturridge, kicking back and having some fun (cause you know Tom has to give that old sweater back?)!


So…. how do you think Rob is celebrating tonight?  Leave some comment love below.  If you like what you read, don’t forget to vote, too!


Anyone have a hankering for a Hot Pocket now?


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