Shout-out: Happy birthday, @RPattzSexHair!

I had really great plans for this…

I really, really did… as soon as I found out that today was @RPattzSexHair‘s birthday, I stepped up to action and starting planning something super cute for today.

Yeahhh…. and then PhotoShop got snarky and gained its own personality and decided that right when I went to save my work, it just … wouldn’t and froze up and crashed on me.  AWESOME (see:  Not so awesome!)

So, instead, you’re getting a kind’ve meh… (mind you, it’s still Mr. HHH – ya know, The Pretty himself) wallpaper and it’s not my best but let’s just look at Rob and drool instead, shall we?  OF COURSE!  Just keep in mind, if you don’t like it.. I threw it together in a matter of minutes compared to the other masterpiece planned– oops!  LOL  And if you love it: OMG, wow.. cool! LOL

Click the link below for the larger size!


Happy birthday, @RPattzSexHair!!!  You’re awesome and I’m glad to know you!

Also, everyone be sure to check out my affiliate, The Pattinson Code, where she blogs at!


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