How do you like your Rob?

~ Rocky Mountain high…. ~

So, it’s no secret that Rob is back in town in LA — the poor man can’t go anywhere anymore it seems without someone snitching out the details on his whereabouts.  Poor guy…  can I just say again how much I don’t like paps?  I mean, everyone’s gotta job to do and all.. but wow.. they are all just dying for that ONE picture of that ONE person.  Once they get it, they’re hooked and can’t stop.  Kinda like mutual our love for Rob but at least I’m not chasing the man down– kinda just waving from a far– super a far LOL

#BabyFaceRob vs #MountainManRob? You decide! LOL

#BabyFaceRob vs #MountainManRob? You decide! LOL

So, since there are new #MountainManRob pictures, People Magazine wants to know along with several other celebrities:    What’s His Best Hair?

Me personally?  Well,… I’m not partial to one of the other.  Of course, seeing that jaw bone exposed is all lovely, but I think whenever he’s on vacation (AKA holiday) he should be able to do whatever the heck it is he wants– and if that growing out whatever kind of beard that’s taking up space on his face right now– then so be it.  Besides, he needs to grow his hair out for Breaking Dawn.  Any hairstylist knows that the more hair you have, the more you have to work with for getting a hairstyle the way you want.  What?!  #JustSaying


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