Peter Facinelli Supports Team Edward

Team Edward 100%!

Peter Facinelli is committed to his on-screen family.

As Carlisle, patriarch of the Cullen vampire clan in the Twilight series, Facinelli is firm when it comes to the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate.

“I’m Team Edward, because he’s my son and I like to keep it in the family,” the actor said during a video chat series for Tom’s of Maine’s New Wicked Fresh! Launch.

But the appeal of Edward – played by Robert Pattinson – goes beyond Facinelli’s familial ties to the character. “If I had no association with the films, I’d still be Team Edward,” he says. “There’s something interesting about living forever, having that eternity.”

Facinelli is such a fan of Edward that if he was younger, he says Pattinson might have been out of a job. “If I was maybe 10, 11 years younger – what is Rob like 24? – I’d like to play Edward, But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so it’s pretty cool playing Carlisle,” says Facinelli.

As for Pattinson, Facinelli admires and jokes about him like a son. “He’s a cool guy, very professional. He’s always thinking, he’s very intense and he’s fun to hang with,” Facinelli said, jokingly adding, “I wish he’d bathe once in a while. I’m kidding! Those are all rumors; I don’t know where they start those.”

As for any Breaking Dawn, Facinelli can’t spill the beans even if he wanted to. “I’m looking forward to getting the scripts,” he said, “I talked to [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg and she said she is almost ready for them to be sent out to the cast but she’s quite happy with them.”

Source ||  Cullen Boys Anonymous


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