Live Feed: Red carpet! Teen Choice Awards films tonight, airs tomorrow!

Tonight’s the night! Well, sort of…

The Teen Choice Awards 2010 are filming tonight and while you can’t watch it on TV live, you can watch the red carpet online which will be starting… shortly @ 3:30pm PT/6:30 ET.  That’s less than 30 mins!  Eek!  So, you better hurry and head on over there!


What Would Robert Pattinson Wear? Seriously, what do you think he’ll be wearing tonight?  Last year, he made us laugh our faces off when he wore Marcus’ infamous plaid shirt.  How could we even forget that?  We’re still laughing about it.  Oh, Rob… LOL  Do you think he’ll borrow Sam, Tom or Bobby’s clothes this time around so they’re not left out or you think he’ll actually have had someone dress him (as most celebrities do) this time around? LOL

Did you vote?

Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, & Remember Me are nominated for a lot this year!  I hope you voted, too! Good luck to all those nominated!

Click here for the live stream of the red carpet!


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