Robert Pattinson “gets the new hair”

You know you’ve made it when…

Man!  Everyone’s talking about this boy’s hair— who loves it & who hates — everybody has an opinion.  Since everyone’s dishing out their thoughts, I’d like to add in that I think his new haircut looks great!  But… (yes, there’s a butt…. LOL Mmmhmm!), I still miss Rob’s SexHair!  *sighs & swoons*

Commmeee baccckkk, SexHair, come baccckkk!!

Like a modern-day Samson, his strength comes from his hair. Yet against the express wishes of his devoted female fanbase and Les Grossman (see video), Robert Pattinson has cut the locks that made him famous. The trim is for his new film Water For Elephants, which sees him play the diaphanously handsome vet of a travelling circus who comes between animal trainer Christoph Waltz (Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds) and his equestrian wife, Reese Witherspoon. But now that we’ve got over the shock, we think it’s a good look – dare we even say an improvement?

In fact, we liked Pattinson‘s new look so much that we asked London-based hairstylist to the A-list Johnnie Sapong – currently manning a pop-up The Studio at Jonathan Yeo’s exhibition in Beverly Hills, LA – how to rip off his coiff. “This new look gives him more of a classic air, harking back to the Forties and Fifties,” Sapong told us. “This could be a great move for him, away from his signature thicker, messier style to one that’s more groomed.”

1. Ask for a short back and sides using the scissor-over-comb technique or with clippers. It’s all about building gradation.

2 To finish the look, use Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme to smooth and add a bit of shine.



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