Special Request: Gimme More ‘Robert Pattinson Cannes!’ LOL

Oh, yes you Cannes! LOL

So, yesterday, I uploaded a bunch of iPhone wallpapers I threw together last-minute and opened the floor up for any special requests.

So, here we go:

Laurie076: Love the first bg. I have a Blackberry Tour 7360 and the screen resolution is 480 x 360. Could you size it to fit? Thanx.

Here you go, Laurie!  I hope this is what you had in mind!

So, while I was working on that, I got kind’ve a little carried away and made some more Blackberry wallpapers…. I didn’t think you gals would complain.  I mean, C’MON!  LOL

Vote & leave a comment if you love it! 🙂

Also, leave a comment if you have any special requests.  You know, legal ones LOL


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9 responses to “Special Request: Gimme More ‘Robert Pattinson Cannes!’ LOL”

  1. aeren076 says :

    sexy…need more!!!! 😛
    http://www.robsessedspain.com 🙂

  2. laurie076 says :

    Thank you so much for the BlackBerry wall of Rob! Looks great on my phone!

    • thepattinsonproject says :

      Yay, so glad that you like it! You opened a can of worms for me! Once you asked and I started creating, as you could tell, I couldn’t stop! If there’s anything else you’d like made into a wallpaper, just let me know!

      Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. laurie076 says :

    I’m totally happy with Cannes Rob, but when you have time, I also am in luv with TV Weekly Rob (the hammock and closeups of him with the hoodie up and down). Those eyes and hair are to die for.

    • thepattinsonproject says :

      OK, I can do that 🙂

      Here’s some desktop wallpapers to tide you over in the meanwhile from that photo shoot!

      If you’d like any of these in BB format, just let me know 🙂 I’ll be more than happy to do it.. as you can tell.. LOL



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