3 New Cellphone Wallpapers: Robert Pattinson… Cannes!

Robert Definitely Cannes

These were designed with the iPhone in mind.  If there any pictures specifically that you would like to see made into a wallpaper for your cellphone, just a leave a comment in this post!

If your cellphone is another model besides iPhone, please include your model’s screen resolution so I can make sure the wallpaper works the best for you!

If you like what you see, you know the drill:  make sure you vote and leave some comment love here, so I know what you like and what you want, etc.

You know as they say, practice makes perfect!  I enjoy making these for you!  He’s an excellent subject, what can I say! LOL


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13 responses to “3 New Cellphone Wallpapers: Robert Pattinson… Cannes!”

  1. laurie076 says :

    Love the first bg. I have a Blackberry Tour 7360 and the screen resolution is 480 x 360. Could you size it to fit? Thanx.

  2. twilightcupcake says :

    Nice wallpapers. I’ll add them to the Twi-Mobile website as thumbnails linking back to you. Keep em coming and iPad ones would be good too.

    • thepattinsonproject says :

      Awesome, thanks!

      Just so you know: I’ve got a bunch more coming up tomorrow and another on Tuesday!

      Oh, iPad! Great idea, I have a feeling you may have mentioned this before & I forgot! 😛 Let me see what I can come up with! If you have any photos in mind, let me know!


  3. cheneetot08 says :

    Love your blog… and Robert is really hot

  4. thepattinsonproject says :

    Click here for the Blackberry WP’s for Rob in Cannes!! WOWZA! 🙂

  5. luvtwilight72 says :

    Love the iphone wallpapers!! thanks for sharing, my fave is teh Cannes Rob1

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