Update: The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project

What’s Cookin’?

Here’s an update regarding the upcoming release of The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project!  I am so proud that this blog is apart of it.  I have personally looked through the book and can’t wait to have an official copy for myself and try out some of these tasty recipes!!  YUMMY!  For more information, you can also view this older post to give you an idea of what is to come!  Also, help spread the word!  This is going to be a one-chance in a lifetime experience in honor of Rob and a great charity!

The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook Project started in early 2010 when Robnation.org rallied a group of Robert Pattinson and Twilight fan sites to join forces and create a cookbook for charity.  The idea was to have a book that was made by Rob fans, for Rob fans, with all profits going to charity in honor of our favorite actor.

As time went on, The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook evolved into something much more than your run of the mill cookbook. Fan sites and their members submitted recipes from different countries all over the world giving the book global appeal. Information about Robert Pattinson, his movies and locations he has worked or lived at became just as much of a part of the book as the recipes they inspired, and incredibly talented artists generously donated amazing original fan art, elevating the book from an ordinary cookbook to a true work of art—for the fans, by the fans.”

The Robert Pattinson Fansite Cookbook will be sold as an eBook and will go on sale at Lulu.com on Sunday, August 1 for $9.99. There will also be a link to purchase right here on the site for your convenience.

We are proud to have been one of the participating websites in this project and are very excited to finally be able to share it with both Rob fans and cooking enthusiasts alike. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



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