Pattinson Online joins forces with publisher to bring Fan Edition of Bel Ami

Mon Cheri, Bel Ami!

With the excitement of Rob’s upcoming movie Bel Ami anxiously around the corner [rumored:  December 2010], fans are happily reading the movie-inspired short story to get a taste of what they can expect on the silver screen.

A few months ago, popular fan site Pattinson Online was approached for a special opportunity to release a fan-edition of Bel Ami.  To add a special touch to the book itself, besides actual on-set photos, they took that chance to ask their readers to submit fan-art which will actually be featured in the book.  And now, the excitement continues as their publishing date is just around the corner!

Bel Ami is a contagious read because it is written in a manner that both the casual reader and the avid reader can appreciate. We believe our version of the novel will encourage more of Rob’s fans to read the book and build anticipation for the film. While our version focuses on branding the character of Georges Duroy, our ultimate desire is to encourage Rob’s fans to support him in all of his current and future film roles, something we believe distinguishes this project from the fan material currently on the market. In working together, Pattinson Online and Fandemonium have delivered what we feel is an engaging book that respects a classic work.

If you haven’t read this story yet, you definitely should!  I personally can’t wait to see the movie and how the scenes play out.  If you have already read this story, have it on your bookshelf, you’ll want this Fan Site Edition if you’re a true Rob fan!

You can stay up to date on all things Rob & Bel Ami at Pattinson Online!

Special Thanks: Pattinson Online


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