Attention: All Robert Pattinson fans! Help Bel Ami get US release!

I saw this circling around Twitter the other day, so I figured I’d post it in hopes it actually works:

Currently Bel-Ami does not have a US distributor.  It has distributors for UK, Germany, Greece, France, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Italy, and Korea. Bel-Ami also has deals for Russia and Netherlands. Sales rep Protagonist Pictures may have a N. American deal in the works. Protagonist (the company that made BA) is an indie foreign film company.  Protagonist is going to release BA in limited (foreign) release in November 2010 in time for the award season.  It is hoping after that to open for wider release.  But that’s all contingent on how well it does in limited foreign release.  However, there are a lot of Robert Pattinson AKA:RPatz supporters in the US that I’m sure want to see BA. This petition was created by a group of RPatz supporters who would like to see more of RPatz work outside of the Twilight Franchise. Please if you live in the US and would like to see Bel-Ami released in the US please sign our petition.  The link is below.

Thank You!



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