Actress Sasha Alexander talks about working with Billy Burke, liking ‘Twilight’ & oh… Robert Pattinson!

In an article from Entertainment Weekly, actress Sasha Alexander of TNT’s new overnight successful hit show Rizzoli & Isles got a little off-topic… and like me, the conversation turned to Twilight & our guy, Rob:

Will Billy Burke return? [He plays an FBI agent who wants in on Rizzoli’s case, and someone who Jane and Maura agree one of them should try to date.]

Yes, I just worked with him yesterday. He’s great. I love Billy.

Have you run into any Twilight fans while you’ve been filming with him, or do they not tail him?

No, but I keep bugging him about Robert. [Laughs.] I’m like, “Robert… So tell me about Robert.” He’s like, “Ahhhh.”

Are you really a Twilight fan, or do you just do that to tease him?

I’m not like a — what do they call the Twilight fans?


I’m not a Twihard, but I think it’s a good series.

Click here to read the entire article!



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