WaxRob is the “King of Kisses”

I don’t know about you…

…but after reading this article, I had the sudden need to find a bottle of Lysol and fast.. LOL

Someone needs to clean that man and I’ll gladly volunteer!  Too bad he’s wax and all… Umm…

Anywho… read on…

Twi­light star Robert Pat­tin­son is top of the snogs — after being named as the star whose wax like­ness landed the high­est num­ber of kisses.
His fig­ure at Lon­don tourist attrac­tion Madame Tus­sauds has been iden­ti­fied as the most kissed by vis­i­tors over the past year.

Vam­pire movie actor Pat­tin­son beat second-placed Harry Pot­ter star Daniel Rad­cliffe in the list to mark Tuesday’s National Kiss­ing Day.

Staff at Tus­sauds com­piled the list from their own obser­va­tions as fans pounced on the mod­els and also from main­te­nance records — to see which fig­ures needed to be cleaned most often.

Guests often plant a peck on Pattinson’s cheeks as they post for pho­tos, they said.

Spokes­woman Liz Edwards said: “A lot of puck­er­ing up goes on here at Madame Tus­sauds Lon­don and our stu­dios team are on a con­stant clean-up mis­sion where some celebri­ties are concerned.

“Robert Pat­tin­son has been an instant hit with the ladies since he joined the attrac­tion in March and Daniel Rad­cliffe has attracted more and more atten­tion from female fans as Harry Pot­ter fever starts to build up in the run-up to the final film release.

Side-Note: And to clarify for those of you don’t know, “snogs” is British slang for kisses!  Ooo, wee!! *fans self* LOL  I figured by now you all gathered that, but hey… just in case, ya know?  Now, the subject is clarified.

I’d snog that.

WHAT?! LOL  No, no, not the WaxRob… that’s just gross.  I don’t know whose lips have been on that… come to think of it, instead…

Yeah, I’m just going to stop… seriously.. LOL

By the way, here’s a question for you:  if he’s the “King of Kisses” then what would he be called for the snogs?  Curious to hear your thoughts!! LOL Leave a comment with your answer!

“__________ of Snogs”

Special Thanks: Thinking of Rob!

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