Check out the 8-bit version of ‘Twilight’! LOL

This totally made my Inner Nerd Girl giggle LOL

[Note:  These videos were created by TheStation]

You’ve read the books, seen the films and watched the livestreaming premieres.

How else can you indulge your love of all things Twilight?

Check out this 8-bit The Twilight Saga: Eclipse video game in which Edward, Bella and Jacob struggle with intense, complicated feelings all the while looking reminiscent of a 1980s-era arcade game.

Help them navigate the treacherous forest quest—and Bella’s love triangle—while making sure you watch out for bats. And not the bloodsucking kind.



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One response to “Check out the 8-bit version of ‘Twilight’! LOL”

  1. Cyd Beck Cullen-Pattinson says :

    Oh no, this was so funny I loved it but after the first part when you have to decide to help Jacob build a motorcycle, the stuff has been removed 😦

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