Wallpaper for Fan Fiction: Don’t Take The Girl by SparklingWand

I’m probably going out on a limb here, but…

Here at The Pattinson Project, we have a our list of Fan Fiction Recommendations, so I decided to try something new.  Well, sort of…?

I’m going to start making wallpapers and/or graphics inspired by some of my favorite Twilight fan fics.

So, here it goes:

Don’t Take The Girl by SparklingWand

Charlie Swan agreed to take 8 yr old Edward Cullen on one of his & Bella’s weekend fishing trips.  Little did he know, he opened the door to a life long friendship & romance.  Follow Edward & Bella through their life.

AH – E & B – Romance/Drama – Rated M for lemons, language & possible violence.

My Review: It’s an incredibly cute story from the beginning– I found myself chuckling as the kids were growing up and calling each other names.   Good times!  It’s really cool to ‘watch’ them grow up together and learn to love each other and seeing their relationships blossom with their friends.  This based on mid-90’s country hit “Don’t Take the Girl” by Tim McGraw, so if you know this song, good luck keeping it out of your head after you’ve started reading it!  Trust me, it’s not a bad thing! 😉  This story has a little bit of everything– drama and romance all rolled-up with a little side of funny.  It’s a great story and I recommend that you give it a try!


Don’t Take The Girl by SparklingWand

Please remember that if you check out the author’s work, leave them a review & let them know how you found their story! They will appreciate it, as will I!

What do you think? If you would like more wallpapers inspired by your favorite fan fiction stories, make sure you vote down below!  Show some comment love!

Also, if you want to recommend some new fanfic that’s not already on our list, go here!


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