Robert Pattinson & mother Clare design artwork for PACT eBay auction

This is awesome!

I love when celebrities use their status to help out a greater cause.

Bid now on our unique collection of celebrity artwork. Designs by Robert Pattinson, Whoopi Goldberg, and many more.

Like Balloons?

Now’s your chance to bid on artwork designed by Rob and his mother, Clare specifically for PACT a Missing Children’s charity in the UK in honor of International Missing Childrens Day on May 25th.  Together, Rob and his mom designed the artwork that will go up for auction for his balloon.  That’s pretty cool!

Victoria and Clare Pattinson, Rob's sister & mother, attend  PACT's Balloon Auction

Victoria and Clare Pattinson, Rob's sister & mother, attend PACT's Balloon Auction - Photo via @FindTheKids

About PACT:

PACT is marking International Missing Children’s Day 2010 with a “balloon launch” like none you’ve ever seen! Balloons are the official symbols of International Missing Children’s Day. Countries around the world have released balloons for years on this day to commemorate all the children still missing and to celebrate those who’ve been safely returned home.

* * *

Be a part of PACT with STARS by bidding until June 5th on fantastic artwork by your favorite celebrities. Or get them all; buy our beautiful commemorative coffee-table book of the full collection on eBay. All proceeds will go toward our fight to find missing children and bring them home.

To learn more about this charity and all about International Missing Children’s Day, please click here and do whatever you can to help!

source via KStewRobFans.


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