Commentary: Its A Sad Day at The Museum de Robert Pattinson

I will definitely need my Kleenex…

The Museum de Robert Pattinson

The Museum de Robert Pattinson

The Museum de Robert Pattinson

Oh,… hello there, Rob-girls (& boys??):

As the title of the blog post says, it is a very sad day here at The Pattinson Project‘s Museum de Robert Pattinson.

The Museum is closing for business today.  Yes, sad.. but true!

By the time you are reading this, the decorated walls you will see in the mentioned photos below will be blank and like new once again, waiting for it’s next occupant.

This week, in my workplace, we are relocating to a brand new office.  And all the while that is very exciting, my fangirl antennae is down (#sadface) as I will have no where to privately decorate a shrine for this gorgeous God-send of a man AKA Mr. HHH Himself ;).  All the while, that’s probably the healthier thing to do (LOL), it still sucks (yeah, it bites, too!),  I’m moving on and turning over a new leaf and putting my big girl panties on and holding my head up high…

Today, I invite you to walk down memory lane with me as we review all the fun and exciting things that have taken place at The Museum de Robert Pattinson.

Remember when…

Lucy” ordered me to take down this picture….

Hello there, handsome!

….& when I didn’t, she covered it up with this instead?

Oh, no she DIDN'T!

Remember when…

I came into work and found that Pocket Edward & Pocket Bella were being held for ransom?  It was quite scary…

Oh no, Pocket Bella! What did they do to you?!

Aww, poor Pocket Edward! You're safe now!

Well, thanks for the memories… it’s been second-hand embarrassment sharing all this with you.  Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!

It has been a pleasure serving you as curator of The Museum de Robert Pattinson.  And, of course, a special thank you to all my visitors, virtually and physically, for visiting!

Let’s reminisce, shall we?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

QUESTION: How do YOU show your love for all things Robert Pattinson?  Do you hang up posters?  Do you run a blog?  Do you write Rob fanfic?  Let’s here & dish the deets!  What do YOU do for Rob? LOL


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7 responses to “Commentary: Its A Sad Day at The Museum de Robert Pattinson”

  1. twilightcupcake says :

    So sad for your museum. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make a shrine. Like a hanging mobile or something.
    I share my Rob love with my blogs and all the twi crap and twi travel. Don’t have a massive collection of photos like you all do though. But full size Edward New Moon is in my walk in closet watching me get changed everyday

  2. unintendedchoice says :

    SNIFF! Oh the memories!!!!!! I look forward to seeing what your new home brings!

  3. ritaann1 says :

    Oh, how I will miss going in each Monday morning and sneaking a peak around the corner and seeing Rob (No Dr. Cullen) I will truly miss you, your boss and Rob Wall of Fame! Love ya, ritaann

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