Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson!

Well, well, well…

Look who’s turned the big twenty-four!

Happy Birthday, Rob! <3, The Pattinson Project

What A Fandom!

Man, I really hope that Rob truly understands and appreciates what a fandom he has — let alone the Twilight fandom!  He has his own!!!

There are so many Rob fan sites for Rob that are currently celebrating his birthday, I just could  that I couldn’t resist sharing them with you as if you didn’t already know about them!

To be fair, I’ve listed these all in alphabetical order:

Pattinson Online Network

They collected fans special messages that they have posted online for all to see but are binding a book to send directly to Rob for his birthday!

They collected suggestions from their visitors for their favorite songs and songs that remind them of Rob and creating a mega-CD collection to send directly to Rob!!  They will be posting the complete list soon!

Strictly Robert Pattinson

They created an online mix tape of his fans suggestions!

So, with all that being said, this man is certainly loved!  And that’s just a few sites… I know there are more, these are just a few random I picked.  Nothing personal, kids!  It’s all in good fun!

Here’s to wishing a beautiful, smart man a very happy and healthy birthday with those that he loves the most whoever or where ever that may be!

Also, I was going through some old wallpapers today and I came across this lovely gem LOL   Click to enlarge and you know it goes.. click+save+love! 🙂

Also, let’s do whatever we can to show Rob love today!  Let’s do some Twitter Trending, especially the birthday ones with every tweet!!!





And, don’t forget to follow the blog on Twitter!


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