Exclusive Remember Me Review by @saymmmkay


I can’t believe it’s finally here!

Today is the day that Remember Me opens.

I was fortunate enough to attend an advanced screening of the film on Monday evening and three of my friends were able to come along, too.  It was a wonderful time, let me tell you—good times! 🙂

Thanks again, girls, for a lovely evening– I had a blast!

The Script

I’ll be honest, I read the script beforehand. *gasps*  Yes, it’s true… and so did a bunch of other people.  It’s a beautifully written script.  There’s a little something for everyone:  comedy, romance, drama. My personal advice is that if you have made it this far without reading the script, then don’t!  Just wait, OK?  Read it afterwards if you are so inclined.  While I am glad that I read the script (even though it made me ball like a baby!), I wish I hadn’t because it ruined some of the surprise moments in the movie.  I really hope the writer and screenwriter get some recognition for their script.  They deserve it.

The Cast

I would like to give kudos to the director and the casting director for doing a fine job in selecting this cast.  The cast is incredible.  I was very impressed; every character was important to the story itself and did very well in assisting of story well-told.  Pierce Brosnan in a suit?  Hello!

I know I wasn’t the only one who enjoy that because it was completely obvious as I sat to the most excited ladies in the entire theatre.  I enjoyed their play-by-play for both Rob and Pierce.  Let’s just say, they enjoyed themselves.  Put Rob in a suit, as well and they were losing their minds, it was cute.

My biggest pet peeve of the whole movie is that the three main characters are playing New Yorkers and they aren’t even American! *laughs*  That’s just… weird?  But, honestly, once you get settled into the movie, you kind of forget about it.  I think I had the most issue with Emilie de Ravin’s accent, because it was a soft accent first and then (i.e., the scene at the cab) it’s harsh like “Run the meter”.  But, like I said, eventually… you forgot about that.

The Scenery

This movie takes place in New York City—one of the greatest cities of the United States.  I really enjoyed seeing all the New York scenery, especially when the actors were outside.  I was amazed to think that every time they were outside that there hundreds or thousands of paparazzi and fans watching on.  You honestly couldn’t tell and that was something I was worried about.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson.  Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson. Say that three times fast and enjoy it.  Enough said, right?  I was very impressed with his role.  It made me proud to be a fan of his, proud to see his acting skills advancing on and growing as a person.  I am so glad that he chose a role like this as his first major role – a break from The Twilight Saga.  I think this exactly what his fans and non-fans needed.  He needed to prove to everyone he can do this, he’s not just a period actor; he can do everyday acting as well.


There is definite chemistry between Tyler (Rob) and Ally’s (Emilie) characters.  The love scenes are just….. Yeah, I’ll just say that every time these scenes came up, the audience gasped.  You could feel the silence drop in the room as everyone was clutching onto their chairs and their hearts.  If they had an award for scenes like this, they won in my book– forget about nominations!  LOL

I intend to keep this review spoiler-free as possible and just tell you that you should take your Kleenex with you.  You will definitely need them.  Besides the tears, there’s a lot of laughter to break-up the drama.  I think Rob’s friend in the movie who played Aidan was hilarious and good with the comedic relief.  Ruby Jerins was adorable!  I love her on Nurse Jackie.  Lena Olin was elegant and classy, she reminded me of a more loving and compassionate version of Rob’s How to Be mom.  Pierce Brosnan and Rob Pattinson are worth going to see this movie for the eye-candy alone, let’s be honest.

In A Nutshell…

In summary, this movie will make you think.  It will leave you speechless.  It will make you thank your lucky stars.  It will make you laugh and make you cry.  I love movies like this.  Even guys like this movie.  The reviews are phenomenal!  The critic reviews alone should say something to you.

My review is intended not only to inform you of the movie, but to also encourage you with reasons why you should go see this movie if you were thinking otherwise.  Seriously though, you must go see this movie.  Support Rob, the cast and crew.

And once you’ve seen it tonight, go back and see it again tomorrow for Remember Me Saturday!  Take your friends and family with you!!!


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  1. vampirecraze says :

    Loved the review, as expected from you any less. Awesome!

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