Fan review for ‘Remember Me’ from @CandyKizzes24! [Spoiler-free!]

Check out this awesome review from our friend, @CandyKizzes24!  She was lucky enough to attend the Remember Me premiere on Monday night and she is now sharing her thoughts [which are spoiler-free!] with everyone:

Remember Me was amazing..This is going to be his breakout role. He surpassed all my expectations in this. The cinematography was amazing, all the acting was on point. Love the way they captured NY and all the essence of it.

You will not be disappointed with the sex scenes it’s every fanfic fantasy came alive. Emilie actually surprised me and played a great role..but my favorite besides Rob was the little girl. I did however, love the chemistry between Rob and Emilie.

This was one of the most real movies I have seen in a long time. Everything was on point. I even think people who don’t even like Twilight are gonna love this. He is gonna win everyone over, and mark his spot as a true Hollywood A List actor (not that he’s not but this will seal the deal). It was emotional, loving, intense roller coaster I’ve ever been on. I am so proud of him and watching this movie from when they were making it to the big screen. I loved seeing all the Wall Street scenes :D. Also, watch out for the ending its gonna blow your mind.

Conclusion, you will not be disappointed with this film, I can’t wait for you all to see it and for us all to talk about it 😀

❤ Hope you enjoyed the review.


OK, I don’t know about you, but now I’m super excited [yes, even more than already! LOL] about seeing this movie.

Thank you so much,  @CandyKizzes24, for sharing your story with us!  So glad you had a great time!



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