Commentary: Rob… a gamer?

Normally, we shy away from any paparazzi photos, but the following mentioned below were too funny to pass up.  So, please forgive us momentarily and enjoy a chuckle or two with us!

Check out this hilarious blog entry from our girl, @DreamingofRob AKA The Pattinson Project team member, ToFu:

Rob… a gamer?

Is it true? Is it really true, Rob? You play video games? Because if it is, then you have won this gamer girl’s heart over even more! Observe:

Hmm..New Super Mario Bros... or Littlest Petshop Friends?


Tom: “I think you should get Animal Crossing, mate.”

Out with Tom Sturridge even! Looking at the Wii games, I see. I get it, you’re a casual gamer…no problem. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about hardcore gaming. Let me take your Wiimote into my hands and show you how to work it.

But honestly, it looks like Rob is new to the gaming world..we all saw what happened with Negative Natalie and Rob’s attempt at Rock Band. That’s OK with me! I am willing to teach him a thing or two..heh heh.

 Can you imagine the conversation between Rob and Tom about which game to purchase? Hilarious!!

Rob: “My mum and dad bought me this thing called the Wii and I’m supposed to buy a game for it?”

Tom:Wii, what’s that?”

Rob: “I don’t know.”

Hahahaha…yes, I realize I’m probably the only one laughing at this and it has nothing to do with what game they want to purchase, but still! I find it cute (I mean, look at his puzzled face).

So Rob, give me your friend code, gamertag, and online ID….I’m sure to give you a challenge...if you’re up to it.


LMAO, thanks for sharing, @DreamingofRob!  You all be sure to check out her site for more honest yet hilarious commentary!



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