A Christmas Message from us to you!

Dear Friends:

We hope that this holiday finds you warm and well as the weather is getting a little cold and with snow (for some!).  We are delighted to have gotten to know some of you during these last few months, it just amazes us how one beautiful British man has brought us all together and we’ve all made fast friends.  *thinks about Rob for a few minutes….*  Hmm?  What?  Oh.. right.. the message.. yeah…

Yeah, so.. we hope that you are all enjoying your day(s) with your family & loved ones regardless of what holiday you are celebrating.

With special thanks we’re appreciate that visit this site and follow us on Twitter and chat along with us!  It’s definitely a special treat! And it means a lot to us.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you & yours from The Pattinson Project Team!

And now a special treat for you from our friends, DreamySim1, CandyKizzeS24 & CSI_Kat!

Click on each picture to enlarge for a yummy wallpaper! ENJOY!

By DreamySim1:

By CandyKizzeS24:

By CSI_Kat.

Please visit their sites & tell The Pattinson Project sent you.  You are going to simply love their designs and creations.  We do!!!


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