The Sims 3 explores People’s ‘Intrigruing’ issue

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love The Twilight Saga & I love The Sims 3.  That’s right, I said it.  I’m waving my nerd girl fan card hardcore.

So, imagine my surprise as I was flipping through my current issue of People Magazine which is for their 25 Most Intriguing People and I saw their feature on pop culture through the world of TS3.  OK, that was cool.  But then, look who was featured!!!

I will scan the 2-page artwork and post when I can, but my scanner is being a moron today.  So, yay technology!  In the meanwhile, I found an image of Edward and Bella from Twilight Examiner.

Besides Edward and Bella, you’ll also find Alice Cullen (Ashley Green) and Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz).  Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are also included for their upcoming movie, Valentine’s Day and the Harry Potter group are also present, as well.  But the list doesn’t stop there, there’s more!




From The Sims 3:

We have exciting news coming out of The Sims Studio! The Sims made history with a two-page feature in the coveted People Magazine special year-end issue which is their best-seller each year (2 million+ copies sold). Available on newsstands now, the editorial feature highlights pop culture trends over the last decade from Reality TV and Tweens to Party Girls and Celebrity Babies. The Tween section features a “Simified” illustration of the hottest celebrities from popular brands such as Twilight, Harry Potter, and High School Musical.


Special Thanks:  Twilight Examiner [Photo]



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