Gossip Cop clears it up: Robert Pattinson to play John Lennon in The Beatles movie?

From Gossip Cop:

What happens when you take the biggest rock band in history and the biggest name in movies today?

You get a juicy rumor like the one in Star claiming Robert Pattinson is about to become a Beatle.

“Imagine Robert Pattinson as John Lennon,” the item begins, “It’s easy if you try.”

Easy how? Well, according to the tabloid, Pattinson “is in talks with director Robert Zemeckis to play the late great Beatle in Disney’s 3-D remake of the classic cartoon Yellow Submarine.”

So will Pattinson – whose fondness for music is well known – really make a film bridging the biggest youth culture phenomenon of the moment (Twilight) with what might have been the biggest phenom of all time?

It’s way too early to say. Gossip Cop is still investigating, but no one we’ve contacted, even at Zemeckis’ company, could confirm Pattinson’s potential involvement.

We’ll definitely be keeping our ears to the ground on this one to see if this “Submarine” sinks or not.


This would be pretty cool, but I think the only reason this rumor is floating around is because the mention of the similiarity between the Twilight Trinity and The Beatles.  What do you think?

Is this something that you would like to happen?  Can you see Rob playing John Lennon?  What other role would you like to see him play?



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