On A Serious Note… No, seriously!

Hey, there:

Just wanted to let you all know about a spam war going on right now it’s attacking Twilight fans!

A new Twilight scam making the rounds and exposed by PC Tools, isn’t a whole lot different from the usual M.O., but here’s a primer on how it works.

It all begins with a web search: Users search for “Stephenie Meyer” (a misspelling of the name of the author of the Twilight books) on the web, and find (rather high) in the results a link to a result reading “Stephanie Meyer at 365Multimedia.com,” with the description “Stephenie Meyer interview on Twilight the movie starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.”

* * * * * *

At that point, the user is asked for his credit card number, additional malware is installed on the machine, and Robert Pattinson is nowhere to be found. Now that sucks. (Bites? Pick your own favorite vampire reference…)


I’m gonna go Momma-style on you kiddies real quick with some internet safety tips:

  1. Change up your passwords on your social networking (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc)  sites every once in awhile to avoid getting your stuff hacked into.
  2. Never give your information out to anybody!  If you don’t them know personally, then don’t trust them.  They’re all evil!  MUHAHAHA!
  3.  If it seems to good to be true, that’s because it is.
  4. Clear out your temporary internet files & cookies from your search browser.
  5. Don’t believe all the celebrities online at the social network sites are truly then.  Be smart and do your research:  review official websites that clearly state their participation in these sites.  If it’s not listed there, then guess what, you’ve just been had.

Well, just following a few of these tips will get you headed in the right direction to “Be safe.

Good luck!


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