Review: Twilight Saga: New Moon score soundtrack

The Twilight Saga: New Moon - The Score - Photo Property of Summit Entertainment


Soundtrack review: The Twilight Saga – NEW MOON movie score by Alexandre Desplat

“New Moon” is a fantastic opener, because it practically carries you to this other world, while offering hints at what to expect throughout the proceeding experience. As standard fare for Desplat involves heavily-stringed emotional outpouring, New Moon is no exception. However, he injects a serpentine quality that recalls classic vampire films from previous eras. You can definitely hear echoes of Elliot Goldenthal’s Interview with the Vampire and Wojciech Kilar’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Even flavors of John Williams’ Dracula score from 1979 add inspirational texture to Desplat’s work.

He is elegant to a fault, even when building tension. Of course, elements of need, yearning, passion, and depression are all prevalent, but not in the same confinement that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button displayed. It is entirely possible that Desplat’s foreign upbringing helped add an exotic tone to New Moon. The entire score bears a gentle hand, as though working to avoid suppressing the listener’s imagination. Something else interesting that seems to leak into the compositions is a classic, “old world” Asian sensibility, which effectively adds a tribal mystique to New Moon.

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This just in:  I love classical music.  Can I name them off the top of my head? Such-and-such song in the key of E Minor?  LOL, nope.  But, if you played it, I could probably hum right along to it.  I have many a-memory of a sleepless night or two and listening to the greats like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven to get to sleep as a child.  To this day, I can listen to some of those songs and I feel immediate ease and relaxation.  I love modern classical music, as well.  How modern music can forge with the traditional classical style and it’s a totally new song?  I love that so much.

One reason why I love major motion pictures is because they generally have a soundtrack that goes along with it.  Dick Clark once said, “Music is the soundtrack of your life” and that couldn’t more right on with what I’m trying to say here.

Music can tell you so much.  Answer so many questions, help you feel emotions you never felt before.  It’s like the watercolor painting in the museum.  You want to look into it, take it apart, learn more– what were they thinking when they painted this?  Well, that’s what music does for me.  It answers questions.

After reading Mark’s article and listening to previews [Part 1 + Part 2] of the tracks, I think I will once again equally love (if not even more) The Score compared to the soundtrack just like I did with the original motion picture soundtrack and score.  Wait, with the exception of Rob’s tracks, of course.  Those are just.. well, you know LOL

 OK, so I do believe I have elevated my excitement from ‘excited’ to ‘estatic’ LOL  I know, and this wasn’t even my favorite book.  *Gasps* I know, I know….


Special Thanks:  Mark Morton, Soundtracks Examiner for

PS – Thanks again, Mark for allowing us to share your reviews with everyone. It’s been a definite treat!


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